Monday Masking: Pore Perfection in 15 mins?

Now listen here I really love Dr. Jart+ products. Their products are true to their promise and perform well, most recently I fell in love with their shake shot masks as well as the ceramide cream, two products that have wowed me. I felt as though it was a no brainer to look into pore refining, sebum controlling masks as this was my area of most concern. Considering Dr. Jart+ already has some amazing products in their repertoire it would only make sense to try their Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask.


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I was having a bit of a bad day when I decided to try this mask, my skin was very exhausted and as was I. Emotional turmoil certainly shows on your skin. After having a good cry I proceeded to apply this mask. I had it on for about 15-20 mins. Upon opening this sachet there is ALOT of serum drenching this mask, it’s a very fine fabric and it’s very heavy with product. I recommend applying this over a sink as it WILL drip.


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I don’t know if my face was just very dry but my skin absorbed the serum very quickly and by the time I removed the mask it was quite depleted. This mask features the following key ingredients:
-Spearmint Extract: Improves pore elasticity.
-Activated Charcoal: Tightens and detoxes.
-Arginine: Clarifies pores.
-Moroccan Lava Clay: Removes dead skin cells and firms.


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Retails for $10.00 CDN  (1 mask)


I did find that my pores were more refined, they looked smaller and less full of junk. The only thing I didn’t like about this mask was this tacky feeling that was left on the skin. Additionally, this mask helped control my skins oil production (for a few hours after removal). I think this is a mask that’s very specific to each person, you’ll either love it or hate it. The post mask tacky feeling was very bothersome to me so I’m not sure whether or not I would use this mask again.

Featured Image: Dr Jart+ Instagram


Hoping today is a better day,


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