Monday Masking: Milky Defense

This is one of the lowest maintenance masks I have found to date. This Milk Makeup Urban Defense Mask is an ooey-gooey clear mask that leaves a glossy finish over the entire face. You leave it on for about 3-5 minutes and once washed off the formula turns opaque milky white, it shocked me a little at first that the colour could change so drastically. The mask smells like lychee and sits quite well on the skin. Considering how fluid it is in the jar it only moves slightly from where it’s originally applied. The mask will ease down the face ever so slightly.


Milk Makeup Texture Shot


At first touch, the mask is cool but once applied it begins to noticeably heat up. Leaving it on for 3-5 minutes is easy as it doesn’t tighten, it sort of just feels like syrup on the skin.


Milk Makeup Face mask


To wash this mask off you dampen the face and rub it off in circular motions. This mask will emulsify immediately. Once the mask is fully washed off you’re left with a clean hydrated base.




When I first went to use this mask I thought it was going to work as a deep cleanser that left the skin dry and ‘hyper-clean’. Needless to say, I was very pleased when my skin wasn’t left dry but instead, cleansed and hydrated. Overall I really like this mask, I like that it only took 5 minutes to work, that it was so easy to wash off and the finish of the skin. Additionally, I purchased this mask for $12 CDN as opposed to the $49 CDN it would have originally been in store. Although this mask is no longer sold in store and you can only find these at a select few retailers it certainly entices me to try more of milk makeups masks.

If you’ve tried any Milk Makeups masks please let us know! We’re interested in the green tea mask and would love to hear if any of you have tried it!


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