Monday Masking: Celebrity Sulfur Recommendation

I love when celebrities divulge their skincare favourites or must-haves, it’s like a BTS in why they look how they look. Now, today’s mask comes upon the news that one of our favourite celebrities uses this product.

Now if you have Snapchat you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and if you don’t this will make very little sense to you. You know how Snapchat has the discover section, and it features different news outlets or mini shows to which you can subscribe and then they post new episodes every couple days. Well, I watch the show “What The Fashion” religiously and if I ever miss an episode I just go back and double up that day. The show is primarily hosted by 2 people Justin Martindale and Morgan Stewart, however, most recently they’ve begun rotating through different hosts.


Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.28.23 PM
Stolen from Morgan Stewarts Instagram but seriously how GLAM is she!?


Morgan Stewart is this hilarious, clever and gorgeous woman who got her start on The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Anyways, I was digging into past interviews and came upon her talking about a mask I had never tried or heard of, Dr. Dennis Gross Clarifying Sulfur Mask. I obvi needed to try it.


Dr dennis gross sulfur mask product images


The mask retails for $55 CDN.

This mask has a thick creamy consistency and has a very strong camphor smell, it’s slightly reminiscent of Eve Lom’s Rescue mask. The mask comes in a nifty jar with a vertical pump style dispenser, I’ve never seen this on any skincare tbh. I like the pump because I don’t have to dip my fingers into the jar, aka less spread of bacteria and the dispenser proves to be almost a palette from which to take the mask from.

The mask applies very smoothly thanks to its creamy texture and is very cool upon application. Now, this is where things get confusing, there are 3 different ways of using this mask…

  1. Use it as a spot treatment beneath your makeup, after cleansing you rub it into the areas on your face that need it most.
  2. Apply to the full face leave on for 15-20 mins and then wash off (this is how I used the mask)
  3. Apply to face and leave on overnight, wash off in the morning.


Dr Dennis Gross Sulfur Mask before and after

I tried using this mask in each of these ways.
Method [1] The mask helped to control oil production throughout the day and it didn’t affect the way my makeup wore if anything it helped my makeup hold better.
Method [2] This is the most traditional masking method and even by keeping the mask on for 20 minutes it still yielded results. My skin was left plump, calm and hydrated and my complexion felt much more clear.
Method [3] This was a very messy method and is only recommended for anybody who sleeps on their back. I definitely got some product on my pillows and feel as though the results were equivalent to keeping the mask on for 20 minutes, not a method I’ll be trying again as method 2 is much simpler and less messy.

After all is said and done I really love this mask and am so happy we happened upon the Morgan Stewart interview as otherwise we never would’ve discovered this little gem! I didn’t even feel uncomfortable posting such a close close-up because my skin looks smooth, the colour is uniform and although I have larger pores and they’re not perfect they look pretty damn good.

If you try this and let us know we’re always interested in your opinions!

Feature Image: Dr. Dennis Gross Instagram

Oh! BTW are there any masks you’d like to see if review?


Over here smelling like camphor,


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