Menstruation Magnet [period]

Recently a former classmate invited me into a Facebook group. *I would like to state that I don’t join many online groups* They can get heated, heavy and a lot of the time it all just becomes too much because people can be mean. When I received the request I was hesitant, but knowing what I knew of her I figured it would be pretty good, especially because the group’s name was “I’M ON MY FUCKING PERIOD”.

Truthfully, I’ve had some question marks in regards to my uterus. Being put on medication for endometriosis, taken off of this medication (it wasn’t endo), having chronic medication prescribed for an illness in my “lower right quadrant” (right between my pubic bone and hip) without any doctor knowing what it was etc etc etc. This went on for 2.5 years. Consequently I’m not a big fan of my menstrual cycle.


The Facebook Group

When I was invited into this group I was keen to see what others were going through. There are many different facets, illnesses and conditions that can/do surround our menstrual cycles, and I wanted to learn more.


This was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Apart from 3 people in this group, I knew nobody.

The first day or two I read comments left by others.

Eventually, as I began to log on more, I realized that these strangers were almost a mirror of my own daily/weekly/monthly inner monologue.

Period insert

The extras we have to deal with are not pleasant, hello hormonal acne, but we don’t really have a choice. Oral hormones work for some, IUD’s for others and sometimes nothing works at all. Take Lena Dunham, she had a hysterectomy AT 31. Maybe you’ve gone through some of the things I’m talking about or maybe you’ve dealt with none in which case, I’m a little jealous.

But here’s the thing, throughout history, the stigma surrounding periods has always been in flux. People used to celebrate it because it meant their bodies were physiologically able to carry children. And then it sort of started to change… we hid tampons in discreet cases, packages made noiseless because heaven forbid someone hears a crinkling pad.

Why do we feel the need to hide this?

I have bonded with strangers in this group, I have grasped a new understanding for what my fellow period sufferers deal with. I’ve learned new ways of managing pain.

Listen, I’m not sure if you’ve been encouraged to talk about your period or not, but if you

menstrual island

haven’t I encourage you to. It can be a seriously liberating experience. Think of the worst thing you’ve gone through… there’s a good chance someone else has gone through it as well. Bleeding through a white bathing suit, a too dry tampon (story of our lives). Spilling a menstrual cup, I personally just would not be able to handle this, but hey! it’s been someone’s reality.

Point is, I’m happy that I get to speak with others about what they’ve gone, and are going through. I invite you to find your own group. Book-club style, mobile group chat or start a Facebook group.

Let your menstrual cycle be a MAGNET drawing you to others!

It will be an eye-opener. Hey, you might even learn some new laundry tips!

Your moon sister,


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