Mastering Mornings, Be An Early Bird

“Winter is coming ! ”

Kidding, it’s finally melting away and what are we left with? Sludge. Spring is quite possibly my least favourite season, between the left over salt at the base of the curbs, and once again learning to actually like the morning bird chirping, it’s a rough transition for me.

To make spring a little easier for all of us I’ve put together a few tips to steer you in the right direction. Remember, the days are longer so there’s more “living time”. Master this series and you’ll basically be a morning person… well we’ll see

1.The Dark Ages are OVER

Ah, sleeping in until after the sun would rise at 8am. But alas, the sun is rubbing the sleep from it’s eyes and has decided to become a morning person. Having sun slither between my blinds at 5am isn’t exactly my idea of pleasant. With this change, you need to adjust your environment to account for this shift in weather. I know you’re thinking “is she serious” I’m SO serious. Sleep is so important and you need make sure you’re still getting enough. One of the few questions doctors ask when patients complain about mood changes, inability to focus or even weight gain is : “Are you getting enough sleep?” So, close those curtains, adjust that sleep mask, shield those eyes from the big ball of heat that’s trying to wake you, and sleep soundly.

2. Get Excited About Something!

As you can tell from the intro of this article there are few things I look forward to when winter changes to spring. But the things I do look forward to are what help carry me into summer; anything from farmers markets to not freezing during the night, sleeping with the windows open and readying my seeds for planting. These small activities, almost seasonal rituals, mark our inner-selves readying for the shift.

I know spring isn’t crazy exciting apart from it being the prelude to summer, but getting excited for even something small makes the transition so much more attractive.

Farmers Market finds, home made soups, sauces and home grown greens

3. Citrus & Menthol

Have you ever read an article that swears by adding lemon to water, or menthol to a shower. I regret to inform you they may have actually been onto something. Recently my hair was so bored, it was just begging for a change in shampoo, so what did I do? I ventured to my parent’s shower. I grabbed my dad’s shampoo and I lathered up these blonde locks. Seconds in I started to panic, like freak right out. My scalp was tingling and I was NOT expecting it. Was I having an allergic reaction? Was my hair going to fall out? What in the actual eff was happening? And then common sense kicked in… I read the label. Menthol shampoo. It cools your scalp right down and sends such a nice tingle across your head (once you’re expecting it), not to mention it smells sensational.

menthol shampoo copy

As for the lemon water, it’ll kick start your digestive system, help to cleanse your liver and alkalize your pH. Alkalizing your body can help increase energy, reduce nervousness and help promote better oxygen use within the body.

Toss some essential oils onto your wall, wash your hair with a tingly shampoo, become the citrus queen of the land, or squeeze some into your water in the morning (careful lemons are wild, protect your eyes)

I could seriously keep going but I’m going to stop myself for now and we’ll pick this up in a week or two. Spring has SPRUNG so perk up baby!

Note: I don’t recommend putting menthol, eucalyptus or peppermint drops directly into your bath, your skin will get very angry. Toss some along the walls and the steam will carry the scent within the room.


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