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Looking at celebrities or models we don’t always consider the time, effort, money and the team involved in their creation. We see smooth skin, smokey eyes, a trim waist and a perfectly polished, put together everything; it’s almost hard to remember they’re even human.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kim Kardashian West, if you haven’t you’ve likely been living under a rock. You’re not expected to like her, but at the least you know who she is. While Kim is known for her figure and appearance she has one main man to thank for always making sure her makeup is flawless: #MakeupByMario.

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.41.51 PM.png

Mario Dedivanovic is most commonly known for his makeup artistry association with Kim Kardashian, but he is so much more.

Mario Dedivanovic, an Albanian-American, got his start working at Sephora (Flatiron NYC’s) perfume counter, he would also greet customers as they entered the store. Near the front of the store, there was a large lipstick display and he retells helping a woman select a shade of lipstick, soon after he realized he was specializing in the wrong department. After working his ass off he was promoted to makeup artist. He used to store his makeup in an old Nike shoe box that he hid in his closet, piece by piece he was assembling his makeup kit.

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.45.14 PM
Credit: Mario’s Instagram

Feverishly, he began doing makeup anywhere and on anyone he could, from the Armani counter at Saks 5th avenue to Fox news anchors. It was difficult being a man in a woman’s world when it came to makeup, the news anchors were;t used to a man doing their makeup and so hesitantly he would get a job or two a week. It was news anchor, Julie Banderas who he left speechless with his skill. From that moment forward Banderas and Megyn Kelly(another anchor) were requesting Mario.

One day Mario’s agent sent him on a job and he met Kim KW. After the photoshoot , for which Mario was doing her makeup, ended Kim had Mario take her shopping to purchase every item he had used on her. It’s not surprising that from that point forward their friendship and professional relationship took flight.

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.42.44 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.41.39 PM
Credit: Mario’s Instagram

Mario’s aesthetic changes dramatically depending on who’s makeup he’s doing but as he says it best,

“My aesthetic is about subtle transformations. When I work with a client, I won’t change her into a different person. She has to look like herself. When she looks in the mirror, she feels one hundred percent herself — just the most beautiful version.”

As trends would have it, in my opinion, a nude contoured lip has been making a recurring appearance into Mario’s work now for a few years. It’s a lip that feels like a go-to for KKW and now its oftentimes in Marios back pocket; it goes without saying the way he executes this lip is perfect.

MakeupByMario Nude Lip Look
Mario’s Work and the look we’re going for!

We decided to try this popular look to see the difficulty level of creating such a lip, it certainly looks a little different on Marios models but hey we’re still excited to try.

Makeupbymario lipstick attempt 3

Makeupbymario lipstick attempt 2
The slight variation in lip colour is due to the change in sun coming through the window

I may not have professional photography skills but overall I really like how this lip turned out. I would have paid a little closer attention to how far out from the lip my lip liner is drawn, in terms of evenness it could’ve used a little work but the overdrawn liner look adds to the aesthetic.

Surprisingly, this is a look I would wear again. This lip gave me a feeling of bitchy drama and should I ever feel as though that’s what I’m in need of I would definitely turn to this look. The only aspect of this I would be hesitant about is the upkeep required for this not to turn into a hot mess, mind you, because it’s a nude look as the lipstick wore off it might not be unappealing.

No Bare Lips November Look 2 has definitely been a fun makeup fave and i’m very excited for the upcoming looks.

Kisses from these big naked lips,


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