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Playing within the realm between fantastical and fantastic makeup, artist Lynski creates forward-thinking looks that make it hard to look away. Each look created by the now UK based artist evokes a strong emotion whether it be discomfort or admiration there’s an ignition while looking upon her work.

Lynski Instagram Banner 2
Credit: Lynski Instagram


While I must admit it proved difficult to find any information about Lynski online, my favourite morsel of information surrounded an online challenge. #Lynskidare an opportunity for her admirers and followers to recreate her signature swirled face shows just how much this artist has inspired others creatively.

“It feels like my baby that everyone loves and it has grown so much and definitely became a big part of the Lynski brand,”
(re: her signature swirled look)


Lynski Instagram Banner 1
Credit: Lynski Instagram


Her looks regardless of how simplistic in nature require an amount of finesse. As an example, I played around with this look on 3 separate occasions and only on the 3rd was I happy with the outcome. Hours of work spent creating something small, something that needed to be presented a specific way but that could be interpreted in many. Here are my interpretations along with the original.

Lynskii original Look
The Original. Credit: Lynski Instagram
Lynskii Attempt 1
Attempt One
Lynskii Attempt 2
Attempt Two
Attempt Three

From the creation of editorial looks to avant-garde fantasies Lynski does not let us down by only producing looks that are capable with her skill set. A range of Lynskis online portfolio can be recreated by the everyday makeup enthusiast; giving us a fighting chance of mimicking her allows us to feel a similar freedom to the one she felt while imagining such creations.

Feature Image Credit: Lynski Instagram

For the Dreamers,


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