Louis Vuitton: Time Capsule Exhibit Toronto


The Louis Vuitton: Time Capsule Exhibit at Toronto’s Union Station was held from September 7th to September 30th, for weeks I’ve wanted to explore this exhibit- I finally made it. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it on the closing weekend which was inevitably the busiest. I feel as though it was a little hard to enjoy the exhibit due to the sheer volume of spectators. Walking within the exhibit you were able to see the clear evolution of the brand and the designs; I overheard many people oohing and ahhing over the first trunks and their functionality.

The entire exhibition was such a visual treat; there were so many designs and sketches, a celebrity-worn gown, shoes, trunks, bags and more bags. I love when a brand showcases their story in such a way that the public/ everyday person, with no in-depth knowledge of the fashion house, is able to truly appreciate the evolution of the company.


I loved not only seeing the first pieces from Louis Vuitton, but also the progression of the fashion house. They founded the company on such practicality and utility, and later on, the company flourished into this new business of overwhelmingly impressive luxury.

Truthfully the exhibit was small yet impressive, I feel as though words aren’t the best form of explanation so let’s skip to some visuals, I’ve selected some of my favourites to share with you.



LV Shoes and bag.jpg


Key dates in Louis Vuitton history

  • 1821: Birth of Louis Vuitton
  • 1854: Louis Vuitton founds his company and opens his first store in Paris
  • 1858: Creation of the flatbed trunk, in canvas
  • 1859: Construction of the first LV Workshop
  • 1872: Introduction of the striped canvas as an alternative to plain canvas


  • 1875: Creation of the wardrobe trunk
  • 1888: Introduction of Damier canvas
  • 1896: Creation of monogrammed canvas, to thwart the house’s imitators
  • 1914: Opening of the LV store on the Champs-Elysees

oscar gown emma

  • 1930: Creation of the Keepall Bag, the most legendary of all their bags
  • 1983: Louis Vuitton opens its first Canadian store in Toronto on Bloor St
  • 1997: Marc Jacobs is appointed Artistic Director of LV


  • 2003: Launch of the Monogram Multicolore line (popular in the early 2000’s)
  • 2011: Appointment of Kim Jones as Men’s Director
  • 2013: Nicolas Ghesquiere is appointed Artistic Director of the women’s collection

IMG_7772 2

  • 2014: Opening of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris
  • 2016: Launch of LV fragrances
  • 2017: Launch of LV Masters collection in collaboration with Jeff Koons
  • 2018: Ciekaikai attends Toronto Exhibit

This time capsule had such a well-curated selection of items and information from the Louis Vuitton Archives. The exhibit covered 160 years of Louis Vuitton’s evolution.

Louis Vuitton Hosts exhibitions like this all around the globe every year so make sure to see if there’s one near you! I’m pretty sure there’s one happening in Seoul right now, South Korea anyone?

What’s your favourite Louis Vuitton piece? Is there a Louis Vuitton item you’ve got your eye on, let us know!


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