Liquid GOLD: Monday Masking

When you’re walking through the drugstore and a floor display catches your eye and you ask yourself, “Do I really need it? Should I?” and then you decide “screw this”. You indulge in the shiny pretty marketing and let yourself get sucked in with sailor moon heart eyes. That’s what this was like.

Today’s mask is from Masque Bar, it’s their Gold Foil Peel Off Mask [single use]. This mask is gooey and applies as any peel-off mask would, however, it’s thicker yet still a little runny. I wasn’t sure how to apply this mask re fingers or spatula, but before I knew it it was all over my fingers and at that point, there was no turning back.

Gold Peel Off Mask texture images

I had used retinol in the days prior to this mask and while I had given my skin a few days, that didn’t stop my cheeks from flaring up a little when I tried something new that morning. The rest of my face seemed fine so I thought I’d try this mask anyways, also, I had some dry surface skin from the retinol that could use a little nudge coming off, a topical peel seemed appropriate. (slight sarcasm as realistically I should have just left my skin alone)

I had committed to applying the mask and then I read some reviews… reviewers who were ingredient-focused talked about how this mask wouldn’t be good for sensitive skin. I was ready to crawl back into my shell and throw the mask out. But then… NAH.

It applied smoothly to my face and felt very cool upon contact. As I wore the mask it warmed up beneath the surface and then cooled back down to normal face temperature. The mask was drying and my skin felt fine. When the mask was “fully’ dry it didn’t feel tight, it felt nearly the same as before however now I could touch my face without getting the mask everywhere.

Golf Peel Off Mask Before
Note the cute pink patches on the outer edges of my cheek bones


The mask peeled off quite well, I knew the best way to apply a mask is to make sure the edges are thick enough that upon removal they won’t tear, I made sure to apply it as such. As I peeled the mask off, little bits beneath the mask surface stuck to my skin, gold leaf all over my face.

Gold Peel Off Mask During Images

I used a small, soft, reusable cotton round to gently encourage these bits of mask off my face. After drying I was left with soft skin that was a lot less red and a little bit happier. Unsurprisingly, I was surprised.

Gold Peel Off Mask After Images


I think this is a fun mask, and it’s a wild card to throw into your routine. With that being said, as a core squad member, I don’t think this mask is particularly noteworthy. For a girls night sure, but don’t make this mask a starting player, bench him.

Painfully honest,


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