Lipstick, Self Doubt, Accomplishments & Adventures

November has flown past me, I hardly feel as though I’ve had any time to really think. I suppose that’s how you know you’re in the thick of it, life that is.

No Bare Lips November came and went and it was a challenge I truly, honestly, didn’t think I’d be able to accomplish, the self doubt was high. I know people say self doubt isn’t always good etc etc etc… But I wasn’t really doubting myself.



If I really think about it, I think I was just trying to be realistic; setting the bar high in theory but not being surprised if I failed. In the grande scheme of things it probably wasn’t the best thought process. But here’s the thing… I feel this way A LOT. Doubting my abilities and what I can accomplish.

I think we all do it, don’t we?

I do my best to lift others up and try to make my friends feel strong, in-charge, and capable of anything. Yet here I am somehow in capable of internalizing that motivation.

This isn’t my New Years resolution or anything like that, it’s just the precursor to a post I want to write about No Bare Lips November. Whoops I trailed off and now I’m slightly tired. I’m going to be going over some of my general thoughts and favourite days, and products with you in the upcoming week !

Also! I’m going to be going on a bit of an adventure, a LASH adventure! This treatment is new to me, but apparently all the kids are doing it, article and video to follow!

Stay tuned for the fun stuff we’ve got in store !


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