Let’s Cie: PIXI Skin Treats Sample Sets

The holidays are in our rear view mirror, but before I say good bye to the idea of the holidays we need to talk about one. last. final. thing…. end of season sales

After season sales, are the time to buy! A few weeks ago whilst walking through the drug store I stumbled upon some gift sets I had seen before Christmastime. TBH paying full price for them felt over priced and there was so much packaging which was/is so annoying. However, when I strolled by and saw that they were 50% off I just couldn’t resist.

I have now tried every product within each gift set and I want to give you a quick overall impression of each product.



Set ONE: Best of Bright

Glow Mud Cleanser: Didn’t like it and here’s why, I did not like the texture. The texture was quite thick and while that’s fine as long as it melts into your skin and cleans, this cleanser didn’t do that. It was a paste that I rubbed into my face and wanted to wash off immediately… just not for me.

Glow Tonic: For anyone who is new to using acids to exfoliate their skin I think this product is an excellent place to start. It’s an acid cleanser that also contains ginseng and aloe vera, so not only are you exfoliating but you’re simultaneously soothing and charging your skin with loads of antioxidants. Gentle, but a noticeable difference with consistent use.

Glow Mud Mask: I love this product. No ifs ands or buts. I tried this before bed one day when I was very tired, but still wanted to do something for my skin before I nodded off. Take note this mask reminds me ALOT of the GlamGlow Supermud mud mask. It dries quite quickly and it gives you that cool feeling after you wash it off, I also found that it did a comparable job of cleansing my skin.



Set TWO: Peel & Bright

Peel & Polish: This product is really great for a quick exfoliation, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for daily use as it can be quite strong. It does it’s job very well, and could definitely be used on other external parts of the body once patch tested, legs, back or butt baby! A complete review of this product can be found here  if you’d like to know more.

Glow Tonic: ** See SET ONE**

Rose Flash Balm: This was the product I was the most sceptical about. I had seen the full size of this product and I desperately wanted to try it without having to buy the full size. This balm can either be used as a primer, cream, or mask. I used it as a primer and my skin looked pore-less, and the product didn’t feel heavy. The full size of this product comes in quite a large bottle so I would even considering using it as a cream for my legs in the summer time. I definitely recommend trying this balm at least once, it’s a multi purpose product and the value is quite surprising.

If you’d like to know more about any of these products I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, leave them down below or e-mail me at info@ciekaikai.com


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