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It’s very possible I’m wrong in regards to this; I feel as though patience is one of the hardest parts of makeup artistry when people are starting out. Patience to blend their creams and shadows, patience in layering a look and not dumping the makeup all at once, patience in realizing that growth takes time.  Patience is where I struggled the most with this week’s look.

For today’s makeup artist we are traveling to Korea to meet the queen of creative, dreamy, youthful makeup. Pony is the stand-in name for a woman by the name of Hye-Min-Park. She began her creative career as a graphic designer and was approached to work on a cosmetics book, from there it seems as though her focus shifted and she became an internet sensation. From easy to follow Youtube tutorials mainly directed at Asian women her popularity has grown globally. One of her most notorious videos, a tutorial for hijab-wearing fans in which Pony also wears a head covering shows just what flack she is willing to withstand to connect with her viewers. Received in a variety of ways some fans were thankful for her inclusive tutorial while some found it disrespectful.

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Credit: Pony’s Instagram

She gained additional fame when she became the makeup artist to very famous former K-pop star CL. The star was certainly influenced by Pony’s personal style and when others discovered Pony and her aesthetic they to became big fans. It would be limiting to say she specializes in one thing especially when she is capable of so much. If you need proof take a look at her celebrity recreations, she transforms herself.

Pony Taylor and Kylie
Pony Recreating herself as Taylor Swift (left) & Kylie Jenner (right)

In Pony’s most recent online creations I continuously found soft, immaculately blended lips. She plays around with so many different shades, dusty rose, peaches, pinks, etc. The lip looks so dreamy and cool and is very enviable, not only for its look but also for the skill required to create such perfection.

Ponys makeup Lip Look
Credit: Pony’s Instagram

Naturally, it had to be the lip we would attempt. She creates a soft cloud that just sits atop her lips like a light glow, I don’t understand how it looks so perfect.

Pony Lip Collage 1 Polar

I’m unsure as to how I feel about this, it almost looks messy? I feel as though it definitely needs some work, it’s as if my lips were so chapped it made its way to the outline of my lips. There’s another part of me that likes it and thinks I should’ve done this in a different colour; it also doesn’t help that Pony’s lips are 300x more luscious than mine. Regardless, this is a look I would try again, I would just make sure to practice more and to give myself twice the amount of time. Believe it or not, blending liquid product in an effort to create a soft gradient is extremely challenging. (I shouldn’t have used something so quick drying) I feel as though there are too many variables here and I need to play around with this concept a little more; when I do I’ll make sure to let you know.

Have you tried a soft lip look like this? Did you succeed? Tips? Photo evidence?

Working on my brushwork & conceptualization,


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