So, I’ve Met Someone…

I know, I know you’re thinking “What I thought you had a boyfriend… ?” yea we broke up. It was lovely but short-lived. We are remaining friends, great friends; we’re lucky that it works for us. But that isn’t what this post is about.

Recently I went to Dauphin Manitoba, I have some family there that we’d never met before. They’re amazing! They’re potato, chicken, pork and cow farmers. They’re hands-on people with amazing dancing skills and hearts of gold. I keep telling them how much I love them. Considering I’ve just met them this new part of me just feels whole.

When I was there I did some things I’ve never done before, things I didn’t have the courage to do and things I never thought I’d do in general. I shot a couple of guns, herded cows on a quad through cow shit, fixed the belt on a lawnmower and worked in a chip truck. Being covered in cow shit is a bit of a different experience when you’re used to being clean all the time. Guys, I held a chicken… it seems so simple, my little nephew Josh made me. He thrust the chicken towards me and told me I had to hold it because I was being ridiculous for being scared.

Being there reminded me of what life is like when we don’t have everything at our disposal. What if you had your own chicken coop and you had to feed the chickens and take care of them and collect their eggs? What if you wanted some chicken for dinner? I feel as though I don’t really appreciate things for what they’re worth because all my life they’ve been so easy for me to obtain.

When I got back to Ontario I was so sad to be home and to not be around this amazing family I had met and grown to love. I realized I was also sad to be in this place where I didn’t work for things in the same way. I loved being outside, I loved making fires and getting my hands dirty; I liked shooting guns and I loved being around all these farm animals. I discovered a new side of myself I knew was inside of me but I had never explored; I’m hoping I’ll get to see more of it as I grow older.

Being in Dauphin opened me up to the potential of one day owning a farm; maybe I’d even like to do a working vacation every year. Just to get away and work, be in the dirt while working with my hands- reminding myself how capable I am.

I can now say with certainty I like to work for simple things, it gives them more meaning. I always knew this to be true but putting it into practice and realizing it is a whole other story. I guess you’re now realizing who I met: myself (corny I know). I discovered something, was pleasantly surprised, and proud of myself for coming out of my comfort zone and succeeding at something new.

You know the saying “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone” … well, they (whoever they are) may actually be onto something. If you’re used to using your hands for big projects like construction try something challenging like needlework. Try and find an activity that forces you to work in the opposite way you normally do.

I encourage everyone to go out and do something positive, and unexpected- the outcome may surprise you.

Do you have any good stories about leaving your comfort zone? Let us know!

Farmer girl,


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