Issey Miyake: I-see-me-likey

Several years ago I wrote this article as a guest blog post for a downtown fashion company. I figured what would be better than seeing how the things I have written have developed.

have you heard….

Issey Miyake and his R&D team, Reality Lab Design group have developed a line of eco-friendly 3D origami outfits.
quite a thought and quite a run on.
Each garment is made of one piece of fabric that has had permanent creases melted into the fabric, the fabrics are light and comfortable; yet they still have the ability to retain a firm and defined shape.
what’s even cooler about these packages is that they have snaps and darts that can be adjusted so that they fit you better. Any fashion familiar individual understands that being able to customize your own garment post buying is quite the innovation.

The name of the Project 132 5 describes the concept : 1 piece of fabric, a 3 dimensional shape that has been reduced to a 2 dimensional shape that is brought into the 5th dimension once the wearer takes it out for a spin.
To go along with these revolutionary new garments mister Miyake said , These clothes are very light, like air, and are season-less,[…]I hope people will keep them a long time, and not replace them every two months. That, for me, is the essence of sustainability.”
What About Now ?
So how has this collection and concept developed ? It has become much more commercial and much more wearable. The fabrics appear to have softened and as has the structure of the overall garments. I still feel the same way about the concept, I love it. I now feel as though more people will be able to properly appreciate them because they are much less intimidating. Take a look below at some of my favourite looks.
Well done,


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