How To: Dyeing My Eyebrows With Refectocil

I usually pay to have my eyebrows dyed, my aesthetician Seema charges 10$. She is so kind and gentle and tends to my face like it’s the finest china, I fall asleep in moments. She dyes the hairs that are already on my face and shapes them ever so slightly, she helps to keep my eyebrows clean. * at an additional charge*

Although I’m happy with the service Seema provides, it’s nice to be able to dye them whenever I want and not have to make an appointment. My friend Lily recommended a brand called Refectocil, a company she has been using for quite some time, I decided to give them a try.

Supplies Needed

1.Petroleum Jelly
2. Cotton swabs + Cotton tissue
3. Small eyebrow brush (no metal)
4. Refectocil Developer : $25.99 CDN
5. Refectocil Dye (in according colour) : $15.99 CDN

refectocil develop and dye

dye bright
If & when the dye doesn’t match the colour you’re hoping for, fear not. The colour did become what I had hoped it would



1.Wash and dry face
2. Using a cotton swab, apply petroleum jelly to the perimeter of eyebrows without coating the hairs you desire to dye
3. Mix dye and developer: 2 cm of dye to 20 drops of oxidant
4. Apply dye to eyebrows
5. Wait, the duration is dependant on the desired colour depth. After waiting for 8 minutes patch test the hair colour, is it dark enough? If not, re-apply and wait longer
6. With some cotton tissue remove any remaining dye from eyebrows
7. Revel in knowing that was not as hard as you thought it would be and, you just saved yourself 15$.

“Eyebrows frame the face” – Me

refectocil band a shot

With the eyebrow craze going on in beauty, it should come as no surprise that I encourage you to explore the role your eyebrows play in the balance and proportion of your face.

Happy dyeing.


  1. Lois Dunbar
    March 10, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    Very nice C. I really need help with the brows. Maybe we can talk. Thanks. Lois

    • cie
      March 10, 2019 / 2:56 pm

      Hey Lois Just ordered the dye for your brows! Grab your girlfriends and we can dye their brows as well. I’ve now got dark brown light brown and graphite (light grey-charcoal). xx


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