How To: Marker In Your Eyebrows?

If you’ve never heard of this company then let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Ardell. They’re best known for their fake lashes but recently I’ve become enamored with their eyebrow products. They’ve produced quite an excellent range of products. One of these products happens to be their Ardell Stroke A Brow.

The Ardell Stroke A Brow is a small fine tip marker, almost like a liquid liner, but it’s intended to mimic the fine lines of your eyebrow hairs. There are a few different colours but I personally find dark brown give the best range when it comes to creating depth.



The before image is pretty standard when it comes to average eyebrows, not too sparse but they could certainly use a little something extra…

In comes Stroke A Brow

With a flick of the wrist focusing on those little angel hairs at the inner corner of the eyebrow I use a light hand to create some feathered strokes.

Upon doing both eyebrows I’m left with a result that looks like this.


Ardell afterleft side vs right side


The eyebrows appear fuller in a less noticeable way, the addition of lines and not solid colour gives a more natural appearance as there are still some untouched areas within the brow.

This is one of my favourite brow products, it must be stored upside down so the product is able to sink into the applicator as it runs out quite quickly, so make every stroke count.


Encouraging your wrist flick technique,

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  1. Kate Murray
    July 6, 2019 / 12:43 pm

    Awesome, love the wrist flick technique! I don’t have a favorite brow brush, so will definitely check this one out! Thanks for sharing!


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