How Eyelash Extensions Helped Me Like My Face…


Being a woman I feel as though there is this ever-present lingering pressure we instill upon ourselves- when it comes to our appearance. It’s funny, people always say women present ourselves for men or members of the sex/gender we’re attracted to, but I don’t think that’s (fully*) true. I can say I dress for me, I like to look a certain way: put together a little funky, happy, dressing like myself. My boyfriend has never complained about my clothes, just when I wear (by his definition) too much makeup.

Here’s the thing, growing up I had terrible skin. My brother once called me pizza face, nice guy ahah. Acne, oily skin, ugh fml. Consequently, I have always been pretty self-conscious of my skin. Recently though I got eyelash extensions, I know you’re thinking wtf where is this story going.

Eyelash extensions are pretty extra when you ‘re used to really light coloured lashes like mine, so blonde they’re translucent. Recently, a friend of mine who is very image conscious, recommended her lash artist to me, Molly.

I’ll go over the process of extensions a little more in another post. But basically, I got these extensions and WOAH BABY! I felt like a movie star. They opened my eyes up to such a degree that apart from some SPF with a little shimmer in it I wore no other makeup.

None. Nada. Not a drop!



I was so focused on my eyes that I forgot how paranoid I am about my skin.

Other than a tiny bit of concealer and a swipe of colour on my cheeks I don’t really wear any skin makeup (foundation, primer, setting powder etc.) which feels awesome. Especially today, I did a barre class this morning and was sweating an insane amount, walked a lot and am now currently in a coffee shop with no AC.

Everyone has a different journey to finding things they like about themselves, and oddly enough this was mine.

Have you ever had a weird but similar situation?

Did someone ever do your makeup and compliment something of yours that you hate?


Sometimes it really does require some external force to remind us that we’re lovely.


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