High End Summer Skincare Haul

After realizing I didn’t have a night cream I decided to go on a mission, to turn around my nighttime skincare regimen. I feel like I’m always using some random cream as opposed to using something tailored to my skin. After coming to terms with my mortality, and realizing I’m going to start showing signs of aging, I went on the hunt for a new product. Some people are really into day creams but I’m the opposite. Because I sleep on my back and don’t stick my face to my pillow, night creams are my EVERYTHING. These are the new products I purchased to include in my nighttime regimen.

Vichy Detox

CDN $29.95

I saw this product and it looked like such a scam, I decided reading some reviews would be my best course of action. I read several reviews… on the Vichy website. I know, I know, I know, they could delete the negative comments if they want; therefore it’s quite possible it’s biased. The comments made me feel so hopeful; “skin clarifying” “detox” all trigger words for someone with acne. I have now been using this overnight for about a week and I unquestionably notice a difference the next morning. My skin feels supple and the way skin should feel. I was worried this product might be drying but it wasn’t, it didn’t really moisturize (if you’re looking for a moisturizer this isn’t it) but it did up my skin game overnight. If you’re looking for something to apply under a night cream to help with breakouts, general clarity and sebum production I seriously recommend this.



Clinique Redness Solutions

CDN $60.00

I don’t think I’ve been using this long enough to see any real results but I can say it hasn’t made me breakout which is super rare for me. My skin freaks out quite easily. I like the thickness and the absorption, I can use it for spots or I can use it all over- the texture is very luxurious.



Clinique Turnaround Overnight Cream (it’s more of a gel-cream)

CDN $51.00

My skin really struggles with cell turn around so I was drawn to this like a moth to a flame. I really like the consistency and that it absorbs quickly. I notice my skin looks much more refreshed in the morning. I’ve heard people state that their skin feels plump after using a certain product and I’ve never really experienced that up until now. My skin genuinely feels plumper the next day, it’s almost as though it wakes up ready for the day to dehydrate it all over again.



Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream

CDN $27.95

This cream looks more clinical in comparison to the Clinique cream and so I’m hoping that it’s a little stronger. Logical thinking right?! I bought this as summer can cause pale women like me to redden, no matter how diligent in my SPF application I am, the sun still manages to catch me. Thus as a precaution, this cream will aid me in my burns, sun or snow seasons alike.



Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3

CDN $19.00

My mom has been using Clinique Clarifying Lotion FOREVER. I used to always sneak into her bathroom and saturate a cotton ball and swipe that baby all over my skin. It left my skin feeling cool, clean and regenerated; and yet I never bought any of my own… until NOW! Even when you think you’re clean you’ll swipe this over your skin and it attracts the dirt and oil. Using this in the summer on the back of your neck or on your chest, because boob sweat is a real thing, feels **amazing**(in a singing voice). This product does contain alcohol so it can be quite drying for some and so I try not to use it twice a day. I either use it every night or every other night. There’s a reason it has been a skincare favorite for so long. Not that it needs it, but it has my seal of approval.



I know this post has a great deal of Clinique products which surprised me as well. I’ve never been a huge fan of the brand due to a bad experience with a line of their products many years ago. However, these new products have left me really loving Clinique! These mini-reviews are honest and all mine no lies no bullsh*t.

Leave any questions down below and I would be happy to answer them!

Sleep tight,


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