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I feel as though the Kardashians have had their name tossed into a lot of my posts lately, and by a lot I mean this is the second one in a week. Now it comes as no surprise that the family uses amazing makeup artists. I was naive to think all the family members would use the same artist, news flash: they do not. Shocker I know.

In comes @styledbyhrush, Hrush Acheyman an Armenian American makeup artist who is globally known for being one of the main, go-to makeup artists for the Kardashian family.

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Credit: Styledbyhrush Instagram

Hrush started developing her creative side as a child, focusing on painting and slowly making her way into makeup artistry with her first client at 17. At the time she had been interning with a wedding dress designer; however, when the makeup artist of one of the brides fell through the designer insisted that Hrush do her makeup instead. After she had completed her makeup Hrush began crying as she was so concerned she hadn’t done well. To her surprise, the bride was over the moon with her wedding makeup and began referring countless clients into Hrush’s talented hands.

And so her career began.

As a wedding makeup artist, she was constantly creating a variety of looks. With Armenian weddings being roughly 15 hours long Hrush developed techniques to increase the longevity of the makeup. Along came Instagram, and the same as all of us, she wanted to display her hard work. Filter free, her posts caught the attention of Kim Kardashian and the rest is history.

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Credit: Styledbyhrush Instagram

With work not really feeling like work at all Hrush jet sets from country to country getting to do what she does best, with the people she loves most.

“I feel like I can be authentically myself through my image and work […] I am literally living my dream.”

With all that being said let’s get to No Bare Lips November! After scrolling through #styledbyHrush’s Instagram, and completely falling down the rabbit hole, I definitely noticed a particular lip that kept making an appearance. A soft pink lip with a darker liner and a kissable pink on the center of the mouth with gloss gloss gloss!

Styledbyhrush NBLN Look original

Above you can see a little collage of the lip I’m talking about. Granted these women may have had some cosmetic lip augmentation which adds to the overage illusion and grandeur of the lips; however, we’re trying to align the style of our lip with theirs.

Want to see how we did?

Hrush Attempt Lip Picture

Trush Full Face attempt

I’ll be straight with you, this might be one of my favourite makeup looks I’ve ever done. Between the Makeupbymario look and now this one, I’ve fallen in love with both of these lip looks and I’m okay with that. This look took a very long time, I didn’t rush and just savoured every brushstroke, the lip by itself took me about 20 minutes just to give you an idea of what I mean by a long time.

Is this a look I’m going to try again, definitely! This lip made me feel sassy and a little bitchy; it sort of took on a life of its own.

How do you feel about this lip look? Nail it or Fail it?

Feature Image Credit: Styledbyhrush Instagram

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