Glossier To The Moon & Back: Monday Masking


With the winter season killing our skin it felt only right to try something that just might save it. There’s a lot of Glossier on this website, yet somehow this mask has been overlooked, until now.

Glossier has 2 face masks, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask and the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask, while we’ve done a review on the Mega Greens mask it seemed time for us to do a review on its P.I.C (partner in care). 

Glossier moon mask banner

The Moon mask is a light/medium white consistency mask, the texture is of a thinner cream or a thicker lotion, it has a very faint smell, smelling of generic base cream. (*base cream is a very basic cream that is either used for general hydration or is used to be compounded with other ingredients*) When applied the mask feels very cool, and it doesn’t move or slide.

Glossier Moon Mask packaging and texture


You leave the face mask on for about 20 minutes after which you wash it off using warm water or a damp cloth. After I had applied the mask I noticed my face began to tingle, but not in an unpleasant way, it felt as though my skin was going a little numb. It didn’t feel like an allergic reaction it just felt as though the top layers of my skin were losing sensitivity. Once the time was up most parts of the mask were translucent while others still had opaque bits of mask. The areas of the mask that were now translucent had almost transformed into an oil and the remaining white bits kept their original texture.

Glossier Moon Mask After


Glossier Moon Mask During

Glossier Moon Mask After

Going to the sink I washed off the mask but BE WARNED if the layer you apply is too thick this is a very gooey mask to wash off, painfully so.

My skin was left moisturized, refreshed, brighter and while it definitely felt much CALMER and hydrated I still needed some more cream to really reach the normal level of moisture that my skin is used to.

I will absolutely be using this mask until it’s completely finished however, I’m undecided on whether or not I would purchase it again. I think my repurchasing of this mask would greatly depend on whether or not I found a superior product. All that being said for the price tag of 27 CDN I think the value of the mask is reflected in the cost.


Mildly Moisturized,


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