Glossier Play

I’ve had a few days now to really go through my first round of Glossier Play items and I have mixed emotions.

Items & Descriptions

Glossier Play
1. The Blade: “The transparent base catches all pencil shavings so there’s no mess. Blade comes with a handy cleaning stick”


2.The Detailer: “an angled silicone tip scoops up a perfect portion of glitter to spread across the eye or dot anywhere with precision”


3.Glitter Gelee in Bijoux Bijoux: Multi-dimensional paillettes […] comfortable, wearable, and long-lasting, thanks to a transparent gel base”

pailette general images

4.Colorslide in Adult Swim: “A waterproof formula […] Draw a precise line to define the eye, or smudge and blend out for a diffused, smoky effect.”

Color slide general images

Glossier Original

1.Milky Oil: “A perfectly-proportioned combination of micellar water and weightless oil […]  to gently lift off and melt away long-wearing and waterproof makeup”


General Performance
Glossier Play

1. Amazing, the blade is so sharp and really does keep your pencils feeling brand new. The included cleaner stick is such a simple but great idea it helps to remove any residue from sharpenings past. This is definitely my favourite new sharpener. I won’t be getting rid of my old one simply because it’s smaller and better for travel, and because it still works perfectly fine but it won’t be the one I’m reaching for when I’m home.


2. I’m so confused as to how this is supposed to work. it doesn’t give you a precise application unless you’re applying microscopic amounts over and over. it also struggles to pick up paillettes that have already been deposited on the skin.

3. This product has certainly caused a stir online due to its horrid effect on the environment, as it’s formulated with microplastics. It’s unfortunate that this product is so crap for the oceans as it really feels like the cherry on top for selling the entire ‘play’ feeling. This product brings back feelings of having my caboodle open and slathering old Halloween sparkles on my face and calling it fashion. This is definitely s perfect product for Coachella but I suppose it depends whether or not you have an environmental conscience.


bijoux bijoux feature image


4. The catchphrase for this pencil is “not just another eye pencil” but it kind of is… there are certainly plus’ associated with this product but there are also some negatives. positive- it doesn’t move once applied and the colour is very opaque. negative: when you try and blend this product due to its incredible wearability it blends very patchy and broken up, it requires you to really work at it and find an application method that works for what you’re trying to accomplish. Finger, brush or pencil-to-skin the choice is yours but play around with this before you try and do it in a rush.

Adult Swim image

Glossier Original

  1. Milky Oil: The description for this product is really selling it HARD. It describes simple features that while nice, aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. does this remove your makeup: yes. do you still have to rub your eyes a little? yes. Are there better options? if you ask me… yes. but that’s just personal preference. This does what it says it will do and so they aren’t empty promises, they’ve just been dressed up really fancy.


There are definitely products here I would re-purchase, some if I was in a pinch and some simply because I like them. I’m trying to give you honest opinions and observations, I don’t want to tell you I love everything like some writers do to please the brand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this breakdown.

bisous bisous,


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