Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm Review and Video

Oil cleansers, solid and liquid, have become exceedingly popular, especially since the 10-step Korean skin care system was popularized in North America. One cleanser that has found itself upon the shelves of many beauty lovers is the Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm. This cleansing balm has been raved about by the likes of the editors at Allure and Fashion Magazine Canada and among many other beauty bloggers.


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I tried this cleanser and here is what took place.
With a face FULL of makeup, I’m talking smokey eye and all, I took a pea-sized scoop (a large pea) and heated the solid oil between my palms, I next ran my palms and fingers over my eyes, cheeks and just generally over my entire face, with a slight focus on my eyes as there was a lot of makeup there. My makeup melted into the oil creating an ugly blackish brown colour. Next, I wet my hands and rinsed off the remainder of the oil from my face, it slowly emulsified. My face felt fresh.


Before farmacy Green cleanser

After farmacy Wash


I think a big selling point when it comes to this product is the ingredients list, it is quite clean.

This product is free from parabens, sulfates, alcohol, EU rated allergens and silicones.

It’s scary to think that any of those components can be found in any of our cosmetics. This product is extremely nourishing and excellent for dry skin. There were a couple of triggers for sensitive skin: Citric Acid which at high concentrations can irritate the skin, as well as, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil which is a strong essential oil.


Farmacy Standards

Farmacy Products are Paraben Free Paraben-Free

Formaldehyde Donor Free Farmacy Products are Formaldehyde Donor Free 

Farmacy Products are Synthetic Fragrance Free Synthetic Fragrance-Free

Phthalate FreeFarmacy Products are Phthalate Free

 Farmacy Products Are Mineral Oil Free Mineral Oil Free

 Cruelty-FreeFarmacy Products are Cruelty Free

Overall if you’re looking for a brand that is careful regarding their ingredients and is very hands-on in the production of their products Farmacy is a great option for you. This isn’t a Di-mention article so I won’t go too into detail but they harvest their own honey and have developed their own patented type of Echinacea which contains more than 300% more antioxidants than regular echinacea.

They’re quite the buzzing bees.


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