Doors Open Toronto: The Purification Palace

So recently my boyfriend and I went to the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant ( once dubbed the Purification Palace) for Doors Open Toronto. This was my first time at a Doors Open site/event. I LOVE learning about topics I don’t know much about, and water treatment is definitely one of them. I had suggested the idea of going to a Doors Open site and he already knew exactly which one he wanted to go to so it was a pretty easy decision wise. We drove down to The Beaches and boy was it busy, we could hardly find a parking spot.

Upon walking to the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant I kept thinking “wow this is so beautiful and yet ominous”, you forget that it’s a water treatment plant and start thinking it’s almost meant as something else: a fortress, a doctors evil layer. Going there was really interesting not only because you learn wtf happens to your water but you also realize how people appreciated the appearance of the buildings they had to spend their days in.

The plant is constructed in the typical fashion of Art Deco made of bronze and limestone, and yellow brickwork which is something it feels we don’t see anymore. It’s such a picturesque location you leave amazed that something utilitarian was made so stunning. Featured below are some pictures I took of the treatment plant. I’m no professional photographer and they were just taken on my iPhone 6 but you begin to realize how immense this location is.

My pictures are unedited and pretty quick “in the moment” shots, but you can see quite clearly how magnificent this plant is. I look forward to Doors Open 2018, there are so many amazing locations in the city that don’t get to be seen as often as they deserve. There’s also so much learning to be done about some of these amazing facilities if you didn’t get a chance to go this year I hope it’s something you consider for the next year.

The website for Doors Open Ontario hosted by the Ontario Heritage Trust can be found right here. It’s amazing what this organization does for the public and how accessible they want to make our history, it would be a shame to not take advantage of such a great opportunity! Next year I hope to check out the RedPath sugar factory!


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