If I Prefer It, Does It Count As A Dupe? Elf Cosmetics

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to these elf matte lip colours. They’re slim and fit seamlessly into my glasses case when I don’t want to carry a makeup bag. I’m not particularly good at lining my lips steadily, generally, there’s a jaunt in the line or it looks off. These lip pencils allow you to achieve a precise line and they wear impeccably.

The price is certainly a selling point but the product itself is quite noteworthy. Praline has become my personal favourite. When they were on sale I purchased every Praline pencil on the shelf, all of them… they were only $2.94. I wasn’t going to pass up that deal.




Below are some swatches of the colours I purchased. The colour range was very limited, they do however have a wider selection online (about a dozen colours). I feel as though this is a really good dupe for the Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencils, the difference being the elf pencils are a twist up, they don’t require sharpening.



I hope you enjoyed my above photo shoot. I highly recommend these pencils as they’re a good option for anyone with a beginner, to a more advanced skill set. I haven’t found many elf products I’m too crazy about, however, these pencils are something I can definitely get behind especially with a price tag of about $4 CDN.

If you try them let us know!

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