Diary: What Future?

So lately I’ve been feeling down, in a rut but slightly worse. It’s hard to explain to other people because sometimes the words don’t feel like your own, they feel darker. Everybody seems to be doing something, doesn’t it feel that way? It makes you feel as if you aren’t doing enough. I know we shouldn’t compare but sometimes we can’t help it.

I secretly think people think I’m not really doing anything with myself; it’s a bit of an awkward feeling to have, just because eventually I begin to believe it and then I feel it too.

I get bored quite easily and so I love trying new things and not really sticking too much with one thing, I guess that’s the beauty of this site. It’s a collective of my inability to stay in one spot. The majority of us have been ingrained with the notion that constantly bouncing from one thing to another isn’t .. well… good.

I wonder if my family secretly thinks I won’t “live up to my potential” . That my future won’t be as great as they imagined for me if I don’t stick to one thing.

A Turn

WARNING: Things are about to get a bit dark.

The thing with depression is that we don’t always look to the future because some of us wonder if we’ll even have one. (this is a great warning sign that someone you know might need help & support) Sometimes people with depression don’t make too many plans because they’re so uncertain in so much. Change can also be a hard thing, but sometimes it’s the best thing. You can’t expect to do the same thing over and over and have a different outcome, shit doesn’t work that way. If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, if where you are isn’t working for you change. Ask a friend for a second opinion (asking for someone’s point of view is ok) and change something.

We need to remember that our path is different from everyone else’s, and even if the road turns into a trail and that trail turns into a gravel road the journey keeps going.


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