Diary: Tough & Well … Dumb

I’ve not written a diary post in a long time so now felt like a good time to do one. I’m sitting here, bubble tea at my side, wanting to create some amazing content for you and I keep shooting down all of my own ideas. A diary post felt like the next best place to direct my thoughts, into the abyss of whatever I want this to become.

Feeling like what you’re doing isn’t good enough is too common a feeling in today’s society. It’s funny because we forget that everyone who is currently doing something great wasn’t born knowing what they were doing. They tried something, failed, tried again and failed a little less, that’s how this works, isn’t it? slow progress. One bulb, lit up one by one until you’re left with the sickest of Lite Brite’s.

It’s hard to not judge ourselves with the strictest of opinions. Seriously I already have far too many doubts coming from external forces why in the actual eff am I adding to any of that?! Cause I’m being dumb, and I’m sure many of you out there who can relate in one way or another are also being well … dumb.


I know I’m not the only one who deals with these feelings, so what do you do to push through?

Open eared,


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