Diary: Seasonal Affective (this sucks) Disorder

Not sure if you’ve noticed but No Bare Lips November was a little spotty. Not my finest work but I’ll tell you what, this winter has ruined a little part of me. This year the moment the sun shortened its appearance so did I. My body has gone into hibernation mode.

I’ve struggled to pull myself out of it because this isn’t something I can change. This isn’t something as simple as telling yourself to take your medication or exercising more; this is more of a someone just dimmed the lights and now you have to clean your room kind of feeling. Waiting for my eyes to adjust I’m just feeling around trying to make it until the lights come back up. Hopefully, my eyes adjust quickly because I don’t really feel as though I’m getting much done in the meanwhile.

I’m not less passionate about connecting with you or discussing things I enjoy, just having a bit of trouble with getting my house in order. Currently trying to optimize my space to better suit the season. I hope you’ll understand.

Featured Image: Kira Auf Der Heide

Feeling around in the dark,


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