Diary: Love, Finances, and Fiascos

This is the story of my recent fight with balance.

Lately, it feels as though there’s been a great deal going on in my life but it’s hard to say how much of that is me making things worse or how much is actually happening. The mind is incredible at stressing things and making them seem different than they actually are.

Recently I’ve had to make some big purchases that have seriously stressed me out. Especially because I’m rotten at saving money, aka I don’t. I’ve realized this has to stop. I’ve realized I have to change my relationship with money, my mentality just has to completely shift otherwise as I get older I’ll be completely screwed.

I’ve also now been seeing someone for nearly a year and it’s so strange because I’m normally garbage at dating. I normally get bored after 2 months and leave, but this has been one of the easiest relationships I’ve ever been in. I spend a lot of my time working on my website and my business and so I don’t leave the house as much as we would both like. However, with summer here, I’m making an active effort to get us out and about. This can sometimes be difficult for me because then I grow anxious that I won’t have enough time to work on my website.

Juggling everything in life can sometimes become very overwhelming. I’m trying to be more mindful and to multi-task spending time with people and doing work at the same time. I know this doesn’t necessarily seem fair but I find I can’t choose one over the other. Ex: We watch UFC while I sew.

My boyfriend is an absolute saint, he is supportive and patient and open-minded and I seriously could not be more thankful. It’s important to surround yourself with supportive people, people who understand that you’re trying to do as much as possible while still maintaining a shred of sanity.

If you’re a business person do you sometimes struggle with balance?

Working in creative industries you don’t have the same guarantees in timelines as other fields. You can’t always rush the creative process, you don’t know when inspiration will hit. And while there are moments when you know you have to force yourself to just GO it is a little bit more unpredictable than I’d like.

I find between writing and running a website, working full time, sewing, working out, and trying to have a personal life/love life I just feel as though I’m spread so thin.

If you have any tips on better managing time or finding peace with the little bit of balance I have created I’d love to hear your recommendations.


Pretending to be zen,




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