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Have you ever met the creator of a product you really like? But then you realize they are not what you expected… this is NOT one of those stories.

Bring in Nina Clark founder of Nightire

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(N-i-tire): noun –

1. Attire that one wears at night or during activities that are most associated with night-time. After coming home from a long day out and about, she threw on her Nightire and crawled happily into bed.

2. Sleepwear that can also be: worn in front of guests, used to meditate in, for the casual work-from-home day or to generally do life in. She went to meet the Uber Eats guy at the door in her Nightire.

3. Garments such as nightshirts, pyjama sets and nightgowns.

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Nightire feature insta images2Not too long ago I sent Nina a set of questions so that we could not only appreciate the product, but also the person behind it- I wanted to get to know her. She wrote me some seriously thorough and luxurious answers but for the sake of article length, I’m going to shorten them slightly.

Nightire started from personal necessity, how much sleep were you getting? What was really keeping you awake/ and having difficulty with (if anything)?

I used to always be an excellent sleeper- I’d put my head on the pillow and pass out. Before we moved to London, and then for quite a few months while settling into the Big Smoke, I suddenly started struggling with shutting my mind off before bed and just relaxing enough to fall asleep. […]the more I worried about the sleep that I wasn’t getting, the less sleep I got. I ended up doing loads of research into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and clean sleeping practices, including a solid bedtime routine, a comfortable sleeping environment and being relaxed and comfortable enough before bed to be able to quieten the voices and relax into sleep. Part of creating a comfortable sleep environment included wearing the right pyjamas- […] I thought the industry could use a brand that cared more about sleep than just pretty patterns or a sexy fit.

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If you’ve ever wanted to make a big change in your life you know it’s scary as ever. Making that leap is like taking the Nestea plunge and praying that pool is there to catch you. So what helped Nina take that leap?

I was working at a company[…] when quite suddenly, the company went belly-up. I was faced with the decision of starting my own business or jumping back into the corporate world. My husband was super supportive of my idea to start Nightire, as I’d been hankering towards starting my own thing for years. Once I spotted the ‘gap in the market’ for a sleepwear brand that had a bit more personality and substance, I jumped at the opportunity to try to fill it.

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jammiesI’m not sure about anybody else but the minute I nestle into my bed at night I am snug as a bug. But when we close our eyes what do we dream of? These are some of Nina’s dreams for the future.

Ooooo biggest dreams, the sky is the limit! Wouldn’t want to discount anything, but […]I’d love to expand into new ranges for women, men, kids, additional bedtime essentials: socks, eye patches, blankets, hair ties, candles or scented sprays. Whatever can help in some small way towards getting a good night’s rest.

Fabric Qualitites
Qualities of the bamboo fiber


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Personally, I feel like Nightire has stayed true to their brand and hasn’t strayed from their main goals, which can be quite the feat. So what advice would this female powerhouse give the rest of us?

Just keep going. It’s really tough out there, but if it wasn’t, then everyone would do it. If you believe in your product and your idea (the WHY of what you do), you’ll find a way to make it a success.




“[…] ‘success’ should be something you define for yourself- don’t compare yourself to others- fight your own fight”
-Nina Clark



Thanks so much for letting me introduce you to this great brand and, this inspiring woman.
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