Di-Mention: Glossier, A People-Powered Company

Let’s talk about the beauty brand that has taken the gram by storm. GLOSSIER.

Glossier is a brand founded by innovative thinker Emily Weiss. She has had an interesting life, to say the least. When she was younger her neighbor worked for Ralph Lauren and after babysitting her neighbors’ children several times Emily asked her for an internship. After interning at RL for two summers Emily enrolled in NYU and was later introduced to Amy Astley the then editor of Teen Vogue.

Credit: Into The Gloss

Weiss slowly started working her way through, and up, the industry from assisting at fashion shows to photo shoots. While at each event, she would chat up the models and the others working there, finding out what they’re looking for in beauty products and what they were currently using. She realized that the women she was interviewing for her blog were amassing tons of beauty products without ever finding anything that worked the way the wanted and expected it to.

In 2010 Weiss launched her blog Into the Gloss, working on her blog from 4-8 before work, she would profile peoples beauty routines and products. Eventually, the following grew to such an extent that she managed to quit her day job and focus solely on Into The Gloss. At this point, she had approximately 10 million views a month.

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Day in and day out she would think about today’s beauty products and how she could change the way women were affected by the beauty industry.

Eventually, she found funding for her vision of a no-fuss beauty company (after trying over a dozen venture capitalists), and so Glossier was born.

Glossier image group 1
Credit: Glossier Instagram

The Launch

To skip over a lot of details and many names, Emily launched Glossier with four products and they flew. She sold out. I can only imagine the blur of success since then. Glossier uses social media to find out what their customer wants, they simply ask the public and the replies fly in. Glossier also uses social media to market their products, find out what their consumer wants and to build excitement and anticipation around the brand. They are truly redefining the business model.

“I wrote out, ‘Here are all the things we need to launch: Website. Chemist. Office space.’ And then I just checked them off, one by one,”

Two years in a row now they’ve launched some of their most successful products (in my opinion) the night of the Oscars, Lidstar, their liquid eyeshadow and Cloudpaint, their blush. They’ve also channeled the online following of several popular makeup artists to help reach the public in a more personal way.

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Credit Glossier Instagram

Recently they also launched Glossier Play The WILD clubbing sister of Glossier. Glossier Play revolves exactly around the name: play. To me, they’re putting the imagination back into makeup, they’re reigniting the fun spirit and attitude we used to have when we would play with makeup as children. From sparkly liquid pot liners/shadows and high shine vinyl liquid lip lacquers to multicoloured waterproof liners they want you to dream and have fun.

glossier play image group 2

Glossier Play Image group1
Credit: Glossier Play Instagram

I’m really interested to see what the future holds for this brand. just recently they launched an eye and lip cream which has been championed by the likes of Liz Hew and  Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist.

I’m glad the brand hasn’t grown too quickly, thus far they’ve stuck to the values upon which the company was founded. I hope they continue to innovate in such a way that constantly considers their customers, after all, it’s what’s contributed to so much of their success.

Have you tried any of their products? Any Holy Grail products we need to know about?

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