Di-Mention: Eltraderm

A company founded by two women with over 50 years of combined experience. Eltraderm was founded on the love of improving the quality of a client’s skin. With collagen, the biggest piece of the puzzle, comprising approximately 80-90% of our dermal layer, it comes as no surprise that we ought to take care of our skin, inside and out. A small-batch brand based and manufactured in Canada. A company that has been around for approximately 1 year and has been gaining traction quickly through dermatology offices and medical spas.


eltraderm vials


The market for procedural aftercare is sparse and overpriced. The market has been waiting for a company like Eltraderm for some time. A company which keeps their collagen filaments whole and its products primarily natural, the results can be seen in about 14 days. With a tailored collection ranging from high-quality Marine Soluble Native Collagen to Tetrapeptides and Sea Fern extract, this driven female duo has curated their collection impeccably.


Who doesn’t love rubbing shoulders with the founder, learning about the brand & getting a SWEET swag bag!


With an increase in skincare procedures, from IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to Platelet Rich Plasma facials and Intense LED treatments the skin can be left dehydrated and over-sensitized, Eltraderm helps to repair and protect. Not only are these products designed for aftercare but they were also designed as daily use maintenance products. Eltraderm works by repairing from the dermal layer upwards and the epidermal layer down. This gives clients the ultimate combination of having healthy skin from within and a glowing outer complexion.


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From using their products as burn care to scar therapy, they have countless studies to support the quality of their products. With an evergrowing repertoire of products and a countless list of prospective ideas in the think tank, this company is not slowing down any time soon.

To learn more head over to their website.

Oh, and did I mention their products are actually affordable.
I’ll take three of everything, please!



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