Deciem: Straight Shooter

Recently, whilst reading some random beauty article I came across brief praise about a beauty brand I had never heard of- Deciem. The brand had very medical and simplistic packaging. I immediately started researching and checked to see if there were a brick and mortar nearby. There was no store-front near my home; however, on Wednesdays when I travel to and from the city, there would be one up on my route, needless to say, I made the stop.


After a killer cycling class, I walked down from Queen St to the Distillery District, walking past the huge heart sculpture the store was on my right (south side). I walked in and felt like a kid in a skincare/product candy store. The design was minimal and the ceilings were high. The floors featured concrete and turf trim. The products were displayed along the walls on a sort of scaffolding styled shelving system, all very industrial looking; exposed wires, light bulbs, simple tiles, and wooden picnic tables. The general aesthetic of the space left the shopper and viewer to really explore the product, as opposed to getting distracted by the furnishings.


I was really intrigued by this company due to their prices and general aesthetic. The company has a very clean appeal and they focus on simplifying active ingredients. Although they list this as the about for one of their 11 brands (yes that’s right 11 brands) I feel as though it extends to all of their work: […] an evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare”.

They don’t jerk you around. You pay for what you get and thus far all of their products have wowed me in one way or another.

The abnormal Beauty company

Within Deciem: “The Abnormal Beauty Company” there are countless brands, all which offer something different.

Niod: A collection of potent high-end anti-aging products that target everything from neck elasticity to hyperpigmentation.

Hylamide: Technologically advanced daily treatments from Concentrated serums for IMG_6751specialized or seasonal adjunct care to Next-generation collection of skin-perfecting formulations including some of the most advanced blurring, mesh, radiance, prismatic and photographic technologies.

Chemistry Brand: The Chemistry Brand is focused on overall skin care and hydration.

The Ordinary: An evolving collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in skincare

Stemm: A range of daily care and treatments to support the health of follicles, scalp and, in turn, hair.

Fountain: A line of oral supplements to better you in different ways; from their Geek Molecule which helps to increase memory and intelligence, to their famous Phyto Collagen molecule which helps to keep you young, these elixirs have got our attention.

HIF: Hair is Fabric is a professional cleaning brand for your hair, understanding that hair is fabric and not stripping it of all its goods.

White Rx: A skin lightening focused brand that “focuses on superb, technologically-advanced peptides and biotechnology solutions to target visible skin pigmentation in the short and longer terms”

Ab Crew: A range of products aimed at the fitness-driven individual, products like tanning oil to protein powders to their AB Carving gel which helps to literally melt the fat that lingers just beneath the skin.

Inhibitif:  A range of products designed to minimize the look of unwanted hair regrowth so you don’t have to shave or wax as often *Including the bikini area*

Grow Gorgeous: A hair/scalp care brand that aims to increase circulation and optimize your hair growth potential.

Loopha: Details to be released.

HalfTone Details to be released.

Woodpekker/Hippooh: A soon to be released children’s line of products.

Esho: Details to be released.

Stencil: Details to be released.


It’s hard to find a company that does it all and is honest about the products/ingredients they put out. I look forward to reviewing each product separately and showing you textures/consistencies, packaging and overall opinions of the products.

Get ready for me to further break down my purchases. I have now tried over a dozen products and I can’t wait to fully dissect the ingredients, the uses etc.
I can’t wait to share this with you!


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