Current Healthy Habits: Volume 1

I think I’m a relatively healthy person, above average in the health department. Not a brag just a statement. I definitely have some unhealthy habits but recently I’ve really been trying to adopt some healthy routines to better nurture my self and soul.

  1. Water

    I’ve been trying to drink more water on a regular basis but damn it is difficult, I also struggle with this because I find there are too many types of water I don’t like. One of the big ways I’ve been trying to change my relationship with water is by drinking a big glass as soon as I wake up. My body feels more invigorated, my head feels more awake, and my body is happy because it hasn’t had any water in 8 hours. For me, this was a game-changer when it comes to waking up.

  2. Time

    I am the furthest thing from a morning person but recently I’ve been trying to give myself more time in the morning. I used to wake up, throw my clothes on, my makeup on, brush my teeth and I was out the door in about 15-20 mins. Now with the help of a new sunrise alarm clock, I’m waking up more easily and I’m not snoozing 10x and going back to bed. These newly found minutes allow me new leisures such as having breakfast at home, taking my time, and making my bed. These things may seem small but changing my morning habits has been one of the most difficult things for me.

Healthy habits volume 1 in article image

  1. Gym

    Guys I’ve actually been going to the gym, less this week than before simply because I had a lot of social engagements, but prior to that I was going about 3-4 times a week. Before this new gym streak of mine, I hadn’t gone more than 5 times in a month, such a waste of a membership. I sometimes get very intimidated at the gym and find it hard to go, but recently I just decided “screw this” and started going once more. It hasn’t been easy but it has certainly been rewarding. The easiest way to ensure I go to the gym is by making sure my gym clothes are in the car, otherwise, if I go home to pick them up I’m far too enticed by my couch and/or bed, aka GAME OVER.

These are just a few new habits I’ve been putting back into place. I’m slowly relearning happy and healthy routines. This takes time and I’m certainly looking forward to improving slowly.

What’re the habits you’d most like to put in place but have the most trouble with?


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