Current Beauty Favourites: One

I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, I value my sleep and insist on snoozing 4 times before I “really open my eyes”. I don’t have loads of money, I like my product to be worth the dollar dollar bills (ya’ll) that I spend on them. Also, can we talk about coming home and not wanting to fuss with loads of extras. You want to feel pampered without over spending and you want products that work. HELLO ?! I totally understand ! Here are some of my favourite etceteras, skincare and beauty extras that help the everyday person. Someone who doesn’t have 2 hours to get ready, or who wants small etceteras to add to their beauty routine to make a big difference without needing to commit a lot of extra time.

Saving you money

So you thought spatulas were just for the kitchen? Wrong. For those of us who like to mask excessively aka me (I’m always testing new products for you!) things can get quite expensive. Most masks ranging from 10 – 100+ dollars, wasting product just isn’t in the budget. I was shopping the other day at Kiehls (true story) when their amazing employee who will, for now, remain anonymous was helping me shop for masks. They had this great little promo where if you bought 2 masks you get a free spatula. Here I am thinking ” who cares…”. Welppp. I was wrong. This little tool allows you to spread evenly and to not get too greedy with the product at hand. Kiehl’s isn’t selling them (they should) but I highly recommend you sweet talk their employees into giving you one.

Saving you time

I am OBSESSED with a solid oil cleanser from EVE LOM. When I initially purchased from them I was pleasantly surprised with a little extra they included – a muslin cloth. A finely woven cotton cloth used to remove cleanser and exfoliate at the same time. Simple, yet so necessary. They recommend running the cloth under hot water and setting it atop your skin to help draw out impurities (not sure if this is a thing, will have to check with my derm) and using to it to gently exfoliate. I don’t know if you have the same problem as me, where you feel as though you think you’re supposed to be exfoliating 3 times a week but it just feels like this weird pleasurable chore?  This cloth reduces that chore feeling. Don’t have an EVELOM muslin cloth? Use a clean handkerchief, they’re equally as fine in quality, they’re small, easy to pick up at any vintage store (just wash it first) because who even uses a handkerchief anyways.

Saving your skin

When’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Beauty blender or makeup sponge? Eyelash curler? Ya … that’s what I thought, kind of gross considering these products touch your face on a daily, if not weekly basis. The satisfaction I get from watching the water run clear is serious business. BeautyBlender Blender Cleanser Solid (say that 5 times fast) is amazing, at first I was only using it for my blender and I realized it got my brushes RELLY clean REALLY fast. My only recommendation with this product is to of course keep it stored away when it’s not being used, and to purchase the solid over the liquid, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Click here to find out exactly how to use the cleaner and what it is you’re actually in store for.

All photos were taken by me of the real products I use at home.

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