Corona Virus & Your Drugs

I definitely have some thoughts on the progression of Corona Virus, the racism that has ensued, and the carelessness, selfishness, and belligerence of a lot of people.

But I’ll save that for later

Right now I want to talk to you about what pharmacies are having to deal with. It’s a little healthcare sector that oftentimes gets overlooked.

Working in a pharmacy can be super stressful on the best of days. People are usually dealing with ailments when they come in and that doesn’t usually equate to ‘good mood’. On top of dealing with it all, add explaining insurance and all the hoops we have to jump through to make sure you get your medication for the proper cost and making sure that it’s safe for you.

Then multiply that by a FEW HUNDRED

Now add sanitizing the entire pharmacy 12 x a day. Then throw in 50% people asking for masks etc. when we have several signs posted. Then throw in the other 50% reading the signs and then asking anyway because they think it’s funny.

We’re dealing with the same stress as everyone else while trying to make sure we stay healthy so we can work to make sure YOU stay healthy.


Corona Virus Illustration


-Don’t lean your entire body over the counter.

-Don’t try and move our signs, they’re placed in a way to create a barrier.

-Try and pay with a card instead of cash, my hands are cracked from the number of times I’m having to wash/sanitize them after I touch money

-DO NOT rush us, this is how mistakes are made give us 24 HOURS for all refill requests unless we have to contact your doctor, then much longer.
ps: we don’t control how long your doctor takes to reply

-Order your Rx online or over the phone, if you have the prescription on a piece of paper YES you need to bring it in NO you cannot text it or email it to me, it’s illegal

– And lastly, while some may not like to hear this, we are SO BUSY right now so please be straightforward, tell us what you need, this frees up more of our time so we can help more people

We’re asking you to HELP US HELP YOU
We don’t show up because we have to but because we want to.

We even end up staying several hours after our workday has ended, not because anyone has asked us, but because we’ve choosen to.



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