Coachella 2018: What You Want & Need 2018!


You guys Coachella is this month… this freaking month!

Coachella Dessert

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited to be going to Coachella once again with a great group of friends. The four of us have been furiously texting in the group chat, who’s bringing what, who wants to borrow those shorts from last year (Amy seriously please bring those black shorts) etc etc. It got me thinking what better time to talk about Coachella trends. Let me say one thing before we really dive in: Coachella is a bit of an “all-bets-are-off fashion kaleidoscope” so it’s quite difficult to predict what we’ll see, so instead let’s talk about your Coachella Needs & Wants.

Needs: consider this before you zip your luggage up!

    1. Protect ya neck: I’m not sure if you heard but Coachella is in the desert. If you haven’t been, once you get there and are done marveling at the crazy installations you will realize that you feel a lot like an ant under the magnifying glass of a merciless child, it burns. Your eyes are sensitive so make sure you protect them either with sunglasses or a hat. If you choose the latter option it’ll also help to prevent any discolouration with your newly dyed locks, and your scalp won’t burn – two birds one stone!
    2. Cowboy: Let’s talk about bandanas, you know when you see “snaps and grams” from Coachella and think “WhyTF are they IMG_4178wearing bandanas, they think they’re so cool” well it’s actually about practicality. I dare you to go to Coachella, don’t wear a bandana, and blow your nose out at the end of the evening: black sand and grit it’s gross. The additional benefit of said bandana is that while you’re sweating out that 60% water that your body is made up of, you can wet that bandana and wear it to cool you down for about an hour.
    3. You got Sole, and you’re super bad: You’re going to be on your feet for about 90% of the day.  Make sure you’re wearing shoes that are comfortable and, shoes that will get covered in dust without you caring. Also, shoes that stay strapped to your feet are preferable because if you decide to get a little rowdy (which I hope you do) you really don’t want your feet sliding around or you will most likely break or sprain an ankle… not being dramatic.

4. A Head: Last year there were countless cell phones stolen, people are ruthless. Be mindful of where your things are. If you don’t want to carry something around RENT A LOCKER, so simple.

WANTS: Maybe just try making it fit in your already over-stuffed bag?

1.Mesh-O Happy: I’m like 90% sure mesh is going to be a thing, here’s why. It’s kind of like wearing clothes but doing so in a “cooler” way. There are so many options, long sleeved, short sleeved etc. AND it’s less expensive because it’s about half the fabric.

2018-03-12-festivalbeauty-meganav-lg-us-ca-d-slice copy
Courtesy of: Sephora

2.HOLO-shit: Everything seems to be holographic right now, it’s slightly freaking me out but I’m also so intrigued at the same time. From make-up at Sephora to silver/pearly brogues, everything is either unicorn/mermaid or holographic. I’m [on a personal note] slightly tired of it, so maybe let’s use Coachella as the last hoorah to get this fad out of our system. It’s like 90’s club kid but tacky, but still so addicting.

3. Follow the Rainbow Road: After Burberry made an amazing runway statement with their collection “The Rainbow” which is supporting three LGBTQ+ charities, the Albert Kennedy Trust, the Trevor Project, and ILGA, rainbow has gotten a high-end spin. Rainbow has spread from the sky to LGBTQ+ flags, to Burberry’s runway and now to the main street. From hair colour, to nail polish, to jewelry and basically everything it is going to be an explosion of colour and inclusiveness.

4.Danger: For some odd reason I have a feeling Queen Bey and Eminem will inspire an eclectic combination of dress, from people wearing bee costumes to 90’s wallet chains. Also, my senses are tingling that summer leather will be reincarnated in homage to Bey’s Superbowl performance; I might be feeling this way about summer leather do to the leather overalls I’m dying to wear.

OKAY! That is my Coachella Round UP! What is your Coachella must have this year ?! Comment below or e-mail!


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