Coachella Valley 2017



The Who & How

So I have this friend, her name is Catherine. She’s lovely, and together we are the queens of random and spontaneous plans. From visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia, to a multitude of small adventures in between. Needless to say, when she asked me if I wanted to go to Coachella the answer was pretty quick – of course! The desert, good bands and a sweet weekend escape from reality. What could be better? With our other two friends Amy and Alyssa, the four of us met in Palm Springs for 4 action-packed days of dancing in the desert sun and lazy days by the pool. Featured below are some pictures from our awesome time away.

Tips I’ve learned for next year

1. Wear Sunscreen: Oh you say you want to get a tan. LOL. You’re in the desert whether you want to get some sun or not you will, it’s inevitable. Don’t be a fool and not protect your skin. If you get a burn on day 1 of Coachella it will most definitely ruin the following 2 days for you.

2.Bandanas Baby! You see photos of everyone at Coachella rocking bandanas, they aren’t just for fashion- they’re useful! Over the next 3 days, you will realize you are breathing in the desert (I’m talking about the physical environment ) without even realizing it. When you arrive back at your tent or hotel and blow your nose and it will be black (sorry TMI, but these are things you need to know). Also, wet your bandana during the day it will cool your face and keep you from feeling as though you are melting.

3. Drink Early & Drink Late: Planning on boozing during the day? Consider bringing (and pre-drinking) some good ol’ packets of electrolytes. That sun will suck you dry and before you know it you’ll be tired and feeling dehydrated. Electrolytes help feed your body to provide it with what it needs to keep your energy high and you feeling good. If you’re planning on drinking, either stay in the shade or drink later in the day, the sun in the Coachella Valley is so strong you just can’t start as early as you would in normal none desert climate.

3. Explore! There is so much more to Coachella than music, hence the name “Coachella music and arts festival look around and explore. Oh and for any cool souvenirs and swag you may pick up from Coachella consider a locker, the last thing you’ll want to do is carry all your stuff in the sweltering heat.

Happy sun worshipping!



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