Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay mask Review

Do you ever feel as though your skin needs a reset? It’s worn, tired through and through and it’s just missing something? Or am I the only one who focuses this much on my skin…



Clay mask texture


Whenever I feel as though my complexion needs a pick me up as it’s missing that luster, the inner light, I mask. Face mask baby!
A face mask can change my day, it’s 1-30 mins of self-care that puts a pep in my step. And so the Charlotte Tilbury mask is what did it for me on this fine day. My skin is congested and is lacking luster and her Goddess Skin Clay Mask is just what the doctor ordered. A thin ‘shmear’ of product uniformly over this face is enough, I wait 15 mins and let it do its magic.


Before Charlotte Tilbury MasksCharlottr Mask uring


I let it sit and I soak in that sweet smell of calming green tea. Overwhelming, not in the slightest; a pleasant smell to accompany an almost mousse-like textured mask. After waiting the designated time washing the mask was easy as it slowly melted off. What was left was a bright even-toned complexion, redness reduced.


Charlotte tilbury Mask texture.jpg


Charlotte Tilbury after


Upon looking at the ingredients there are some ingredients that can cause a flare up in fungal acne. If you are sensitive to ingredients definitely look through the ingredients breakdown.

You can decide whether or not this is something you’re interested in trying, but me, i like how it makes my skin feel post wash. My skin never feels tight, the mask simply gathers itself slightly to show that it is ready for washing.

Let me know if you give this mask a try or if you have tried it, how did you like it?


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