Charlotte Tilbury: Blush & Contour Review

You guys we did it! We made it to the last 2 products of the Charlotte Tilbury mystery box! These last two products were products I was a little hesitant about for reasons I’ll get into shortly.

The Products

  • Cheek To Chic: Swish & Pop in Sex On Fire $50
  • Holly Wood Countour Wand in Fair Medium $50

The Test

I was hesistant about these 2 products for the following reasons, I can’t contour to save my life, and blush can sometimes look a little Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. I was worried that either there wouldn’t be enough contour or too much, and I was worried the blush would be too overpowering especially the ‘Pop’ part.




Both of these products performed surprisingly well. The contour wand blended decently and the applicator was nice, you could apply it directly where you wanted it. The formula does dry very quickly so you must act fast; however, if you do lag a little you can spritz your face with some rosewater to soften the formula up, this gives you those extra seconds to blend a little more.

Before and During Images




The one spot I found nearly impossible to contour was my nose, yes i know it looks a little silly in these images. In person the contour looked better blended, the other issue is, my cheeks are still so pale that the colour of my nose is more noticeable when compared to my porcelain cheeks.

But wait! All that’s needed is to…

Add Blush .jpg


When a little blush is added the contour of the nose is less noticeable. This blush is a slightly dusty rose colour, with a bit of a brown undertone it almost worked as a bronzer which made me look more sunkissed. The blush blended well, as most Tilbury products do because they’re so finely milled.

The inner core of the blush was very dark and I found it a little hard to work with, upon reflecting a little I feel as though this darker part of the blush should be used on the high part of the cheekbones. If applied right on the apples of the cheeks it could weigh down the face and actually make the cheeks look bigger, whereas applying it higher/closer to the temples would help slim the face and give you a more natural flushed appearance. Trust a girl who spends 99% of her life blushing, it starts on the outside of the face.

The colour selection is okay with the blush [7 colours, but a decent range of colours] and extremely limited when it comes to the contour wand [2 colours]. Before we leave one another I will say that these are NOT 2 products I would spend 50 $ on (again), the contour wand does not have nearly enough product for 50$ and the blush well… that’s just way too much money for blush, in my humble opinion.

This is my overview of these products if you have any contouring tips I’d love to hear them, help a sister out.

Forever seeking your advice,



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