Cat Eyes & Opium

Hi! and welcome back to my channel, kidding this is an online magazine.
But let’s talk about a few products, shall we?
Two products from that lovely Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box I reviewed. I wanted to give you an idea of what some of the products look like on, the only thing is I’m no makeup artist, I’m no expert when it comes to makeup application; I’m iiight.

So sharing these images of my application attempts of 2 boldly colored products makes for a slightly self-conscious me, especially with how savage people can be. But alas who gives a f….

I played with the Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise in Midnight Seduction ($30) and the Charlotte TilburyMatte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir  ($39)

Let’s start with the shadow…

Flash No flash charlotte tilbury magc box eyes


The colours within this shadow are gorgeous. There is so much depth within its iridescence, note the comparative image above. No Flash gives a smoky navy blue with some shimmer, but then, add flash and this shadow lights right up. It transforms itself into a sapphire like colour. The pot of this shadow is quite small but a small dusting of this product goes a long way. This shadow is extremely buildable which is especially nice if you’re wanting to do something smokey or something with a gradient ie: halo eye.

Charlotte Myster Box Eyes and Lips before

Charlotte Myster Box Eyes and Lips after
Not perfect but cute

Listen here, I know my application isn’t perfect but I’m learning. I use small backward c motions to disperse the pigment, thus far this is what works best for me. I tried not to make the eye to dark as it would’ve looked too bold with a red lip. I like these images as you can see the variation in colour, the navy, the sapphire, the grey, and the black. It’s this lovely sheer experience – at least in my opinion.

Let’s talk Lip



The pressed ‘still in the tube’ colour looks much darker than what is applied. This color has a pretty nice range, it can be applied lightly to create a magenta/berry colour, apply a little more and it darkens to a nice maroon shade. This red definitely contains some blue, so if that isn’t something you’re looking for I recommend you stay away from this product. However, before you completely rule it out remember if you don’t like the darkest colour you can create a lighter one with a little less pressure.


This formula is a luminous modern matte, matte lipstick can look SO drying and thus I quite like the finish this formula gave. The only issue I had with this lipstick is the crease buildup, it built up very quickly in any lip texture irregularities aka if you’re planning on wearing this lipstick you need to exfoliate. Because this lipstick is quite creamy I did find it found its way to my teeth quite easily.


All in all the shadow got me excited for a night out, even using it as a simple eyeliner would be really beautiful. The lipstick is also very nice, just make sure you have a compact at hand for teeth touchups; of the two, this product is just a tad more high maintenance.

Hope you’ve enjoyed me laying down my experiences.

Go create,


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