The Butler| Moving and Thoughtful

I don’t watch movies very often, I find them quite long and my body really hates sitting for such an extended period of time. However, my mother really loves watching movies, especially of the historical variety; she’s whom I get my love of history from. Recently, we popped into a little beat down store with a ton of dvd’s for sale, we ended up picking up about a dozen new movies. One of the movies we purchased was Lee Daniels The Butler.

I was excited to watch this movie as it’s biographical. It begins with Cecil Gaines, a black man, and the protagonist, growing up and working the cotton fields with his father. It then follows him as he is promoted from working the fields to being a “house negro” to eventually getting a job working in a hotel as a butler, eventually he is recruited to work in the white house.

Forest Whitacker standing in line as Cecile Gaines, getting ready to greet the new president he will be serving, John F Kennedy.

This movie follows not only his professional life but also his personal life, and especially the political movements that were happening all over the country.

I really don’t want to give too much away and spoil the movie for you, but Eugene Allen was a very interesting and incredible man. He saw more in his lifetime than anybody could ever imagine, and he heard even more; being privy to the oval office to serve the president even during heated discussions. Eugene Allen served from Herbert Hoover to Ronald Reagan.

The real butler that inspired the book and the movie, Eugene Allen.

He served 8 presidents in total.

  • Herbert Hoover
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • John F Kennedy
  • Richard Nixon
  • Gerald Ford
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Ronald Reagan

Personally, I found this movie a little slow but exxtremely emotional. I’m pretty emotional, I cry at some pretty random things, something I get from my mother. This movie pulled at my heart and got me really heated during moments of tension and political injustice. This film covers so many different eras starting in the ’20s to president Obamas inauguration. This movie isn’t for everyone but it really truly gives you new respect and understanding for the past.

Forest Whitacker and David Oyelowo did an incredible job in their roles and if this movie interests you/ you have a love of historical films, I highly recommend you rent this from your local movie store.

David Oyelowo portraying Cecile Gaines son and getting arrested for peaceful protest.

As much as I wish I could ignore the similarities, and pretend the world we live in was a better place you cannot brush aside the parallels between this films racial turmoil and today’s injustices, you just can’t. Prepare to be moved and to be left thinking.


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