Brunching at Reyna

A couple of weekends ago, upon the suggestion of my best friend, she and I went to a lovely little nook named Reyna.

Walking through Yorkville was a beautiful day, the sun was out and I couldn’t find the restaurant. Reyna is such a little hole in the wall I didn’t even see it. My friend Michelle had to point it out over and over again until finally I said “Ohh, there it is! ” Once inside we sat in the back under the open air. Sitting at a too-small table of very chic design, we ordered drinks.



Sangria for me and a Caesar for Michelle. The drinks and food menus arrived promptly and the drinks were woah… booooozy. They were strong and got the conversation flowing, talking about our lives and the most recent happenings it took us forever to order. Having a weakness for carbs we settled on their Greek Fries to start.






Something you should know about me before we keep going, I LOVE french fries… like I’m not sure about many things in this world but I am certain that I love fries. The Greek Fries arrived and they were thin and crispy, which is how I prefer my fries. They were slightly lacking on toppings but still tasty and the sauce they were served with was just the perfect touch. After we selected our mains and ordered a second round the two arrived in practically perfect unison.  I ordered the BLT Tartine which can be described as “fried green tomatoes, turkey bacon, bitter greens, harissa verde aioli, serrano honey and greens” I am not a picky eater so when I ordered I was hoping it would be some sort of fancy BLT… it was not. The green tomatoes came breaded and fried and the breading was quite thick. However, the greens and aioli were quite savory. The dish was okay but not something I would order again, the toast it came upon was so crispy it scraped my gums. (I feel as though I sound so high maintenance and picky which I have stated I am not but this just wasn’t a good dish for them)


The Shakshuka on the top, and the BLT Tartine below.

Michelle was quite pleased with her dish, ordering the Shakshuka with 2 medium poached eggs. Her dish consisting of “charred tomato & pepper, feta, egg, onion sprouts, sourdough”. I don’t know if she thought her bread was too hard but it looked equally as crispy as mine, whereas the overall toppings looked much more appealing and flavourful. I definitely had buyers remorse, mainly that I didn’t order fries as a main.

After eating the restaurant cleared out and we got to really explore. The vibes of the bar were very elegant and unique. Thinking back, I could see them closing the street for music and dancing, it seems so lively.
That’s something I definitely wouldn’t be able to resist.




I think Reyna’s a great and fun place to go with friends for drinks and snacks. I hope to certainly be returning, this time I just won’t be ordering the BLT. (small rant: but BLT literally stands for bacon lettuce tomato they need to rename it, so deceiving)

If you happen to pop in let us know what you think, we’d be happy to hear about your experiences!


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