Blowing Up The Tub Tonight: Part Two!

Bath Bomb article part two! If you haven’t read part one check it out!

Not wanting to overwhelm you with my entire bath bomb shopping spree I saved the other next bath bombs for this part two!

The Experimenter: A sweet-scented bath bomb with snap, crackle, and popping elements. Little blasts pop to the surface while the caramel and vanilla scents envelop you, moisturizing your skin and allowing you to slowly sink deeper into the water. Fun, entertaining, yet soothing and luxurious. Best of both worlds if you ask me!

Intergalactic: Fresh to death! The peppermint oil wakes you up and soothes your scentses (… get it). The cedar wood provides that warm toasty feeling while you enjoy the show of the cosmos before you. Fun fact: cedarwood oil has anti-fungal properties, improves general epidermal appearance, aids with digestion etc. Not only do these bath bombs make you feel good with the self-care aspect but how nice is it that they have additional natural benefits. Hoorah!

Okay… Wasn’t really going to include this bath bomb as it’s not as visually appealing as the others but boy was it my favourite. ↓ ⇣ ⇣ 


Butterball: A silly name for a spherical slice of heaven. This bath bomb

fills your bath with a frothy cocoa vanilla scent that makes you feel like you just dived into the most high-end vanilla cappuccino. Out of all my picks, this was my favourite, it left my skin so moisturized that I considered going back to buy more. I’m slightly addicted. After all, how does the saying go “all is better with bread Butter…”  [I just made that up]



Hope this gives you insight into what bath extra would best suit you tonight. Blow up that bathtub, bring a friend, a rubber duck, whatever it may be, relax and enjoy.


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