Blowin’ Up The Tub Tonight: Part One

Not too long ago when I was having a less than ideal day I went a little bananas (do people still say that?) at Lush and bought myself some good ol’ bath bombs. That store gives me a bit of a headache just because the smell is intoxicating and suffocating all at the same time, it’s lovely and painful. I love how they display their products, and how they’re so colourful compared to the neutral background of the store. When I walked through the wall of scent into the store the bombs whispered my name. So overwhelmed by the massive selection, and the pre-packaged holiday boxes, I was feeling a little lost. I tried to grab a variety in terms of colour and scent.

So shall we dive into things and look over my final picks?

Tisty Tosty: Super fizzy and dissolves quite quickly, a couple of rosebuds are released. This bath bomb has a really strong floral scent… like SO strong. This bath bomb was really moisturizing but tbh the scent was too strong for my personal taste, I’d probably gift Tisty Tosty just because it’s a pretty straightforward bath bomb not too crazy and it’s very pretty and feels nice on the skin.


Dragons Egg: Citrus galore! And it was pretty fun because after I dropped the ball (get it … get it) it kept popping and these bright colours kept being released. Once the show was over I was left soaking in the fresh scent of lemon and bergamot. My skin was left revived and soft and it was actually the perfect bath bomb for a morning bath. Let me invite you into my bathtub baby, here are some pictures I took of Dragons Egg in my bath.

Bath Bomb

Part one complete.

These were fun and who doesn’t love a good bath bomb. For those of you as passionate about baths as me, go to LUSH and be free ahah

See you all for part two where we’ll be briefly going over three (if I remember correctly) bath bombs!
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With love & gratitude, thank you for reading.



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