Diary: No Urgency Deadlines & The Struggle

Lately, in life, I’ve really been struggling with task completion. It’s difficult when you don’t have external deadlines or a third party (teacher or a boss) expecting something from you. I’m certain I’m not the only person who suffers from this but I’m curious as to whether or not those who do suffer have found any successful methods around it.

I’m thinking I need to establish my own deadlines and/or set weekly expectations. ex: 2 posts a week.
TBH I’m sort of thinking out loud right now because I have yet to find a method that works for me, and, I’m hoping that through the power of journaling this post will help bring me some clarity and direction.


I’m seeing a great many articles stating how incentives help to motivate us. I mean it’s a fair statement, you do something you get something good. I personally think I’m a negative reinforcement type of person: “Tell me how shit I am and I’ll prove you wrong” type of mindset.

Self Awareness

I found a useful article (click here) that encourages you to actually write down your bad habits so as to be hyper-aware of them, and consequently be able to stop them before they begin. They encourage you to write down every time you feel compelled to one bad habit over another.
Some people when they’re trying to quit smoking they wear an elastic band around their wrist and every time they feel an urge/craving they snap the band as to re-direct their thoughts, and in another way punish themselves for feeling this craving in the first place. Maybe whenever a bad habit arises instead of slapping an elastic you do 10 push-ups/ sit-ups/ 1 min of plank. The physical activity is good for you and it will help re-direct your focus.
My bad habits would read something like this…

My Bad Habits
-Online Shopping
-Focusing on literally anything else
-Scrolling social media
-Grooming (makeup, hair, etc)
-Lying on my bed being completely overwhelmed with my to do list

If you take a look at your to-do list I’m sure there are some tasks that are more enjoyable than others, tasks that require less brainpower. Use these tasks as your break. Going through some e-mails, whether it’s just clearing junk or writing replies is a little less daunting than writing an entire article. And in some ways, the higher quantity of e-mails you’re responding to might give you a bigger sense of accomplishment and help prompt you towards another task.

Positive Visualizations

This is something new that I’m trying. I find someone or something I admire or find appealing and I strive towards it. This isn’t some sort of identity crisis type of thing, it’s more about appreciating someone or something else’s positives, visualizing yourself more like that, and wanting to grow that part of you.
Similarly to how some people create a vision board, you can use one person you admire as your vision board or a bunch of small things to which you’re aspiring.
These are a few of the ideas that seem to be most recently re-appearing in my quest for better focus, time management, and more thoughtful action.
If you have any recommendations let me know! I’m always open to suggestions.

Attempting to re-focus and re-ignite,


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