Are We The Generation Of …

During the day I experience people getting annoyed, angry, upset, or whatever you want to call it, about the smallest most minute things. I constantly find myself getting swept up in this tornado of unhappiness, and the hardest part is pulling yourself out of it.

Whether we like to admit it or not we’re influenced by our peers to adopt certain behaviours.

I see so many miserable people, and sometimes I wonder if I’ve become one of them. Occasionally I find my mood worsening & worsening, and eventually, I hit a wall where I think to myself ” Holy shit am I really this unhappy?” And the truth is I’M NOT. Apart from being depressed, I’m actually pretty decent at staying positive.

Luckily the first step is recognizing and admitting, you have a problem.

But it made me wonder, are we the generation of unmerited pessimism?


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