Arbonne DETOX Week One

Ready set go . . . 

Today I am starting a detox, you’re to start off with tea and optimism. I started with coffee and a bad attitude, no seriously.
I couldn’t find the blade for my blender we ran out of almond milk, & to top it all off there were hardly any groceries in the house. You would think I would’ve prepared… that’s the thing with being an entrepreneur, you always feel like you never have time for anything– yet you’re always doing something.

This first week has gone better than I expected, I haven’t been any grouchier than I normally am and I’ve been drinking LOTS of water. If you have seen any of my Youtube videos you would know that I am THE WORST at drinking water, my body is the desert. The first day I drank at least 2 Litres! Here’s what I’m learning, all these little extras that you’re given, in this detox package, are what really help you get through. The fizzies and the fizzies and the fizzies…

So far enjoying my smoothies and shakes but have been quite boring with the meals, MUST GO FOOD SHOPPING. ugh


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