ARBONNE Detox . . . 3,4 Done

After 4 weeks my detox is done.

I went off of my detox for 2 days in the fourth week and I felt awful. I was bloated, a bit more lethargic and I was definitely more hungry/thinking about food. Week three started off really well, I was powering through the week feeling like a rockstar and then I got my period and the inner monologue of “fml” took over. I ate a lot, not necessarily bad/unhealthy food, but just a lot of food. Truthfully after the end of week 3, it was really hard to get me on track due to the many things that were going on in my life. I finished with a groan. Life (and excuses to some extent)  had got the better of me.

This detox wasn’t a thing to lose weight, this was an opportunity to re-evaluate my relationship with food. I’d say that normally I have a pretty good relationship but recently (pre-detox) I was definitely eating more junk food. ahh, junk food.

Have you ever noticed it’s called junk food? It is word-for-word describing how shit it is. It’s basically begging you to not eat it… yet we do. The majority of it barely deserves the word food after the junk. I was trying to re-ignite my foodie mindfulness but I slightly feel like I failed, but isn’t that real life.

I didn’t work out nearly as much as I wanted, stress got the best of me and I ate things I would’ve rathered I hadn’t. I told you I’d be honest, and that’s what I’m doing. I wasn’t nearly as disciplined as some people are, shit is freaking tough!

However, now that all of this is said and done I wanted to go over some things that I’ve learned about the products, myself and food overall.

  1. I require premeditation and planning. I wish I could say I’m great at adopting new habits, but self-discipline is a challenge. The weeks where I planned in advance I succeeded, the other two weeks where I more or less winged it were less successful.
  2. Hormones (my period) are a bitch. Seriously though I could be craving pickles one minute, peaches the next and an ice cream sandwich a minute later. Here’s the thing, it’s okay to have crazy cravings and to have things sometimes get a little out of hand. What doesn’t help is beating yourself up over it. If I held it against myself it made me miserable. Instead, I didn’t regret it I just tried to be more mindful next time.
  3. The products are really designed to make your life as easy as possible. If you go into this mentally unprepared to be mindful of what you’re preparing and eating, you’ll fail. So don’t make things harder than they need to be
  4. Food doesn’t have to be complicating. This may be one of the bigger lessons I’ve taken away. Whenever I’m cooking or preparing meals I secretly feel as though the more ingredients the better it will taste, but that’s just not true. Quality over quantity: in Anthony Bourdain’s (rip) book “Kitchen Confidential” he gives many tips and tricks to creating great food; one of those tips is ensuring you have quality ingredients.
    • ex: This past weekend at a wedding they served water chestnuts wrapped with thin slices of cooked bacon and it was AMAZING. Two ingredients and together they were amazing! If you want to get fancy throw on a sprig of rosemary or parsley and BAM! Hello Chef [insert your name here]*

These are my overall post detox thoughts. Stay tuned to see what is left of each given product and see which ones I recommend vs which ones I think you could do without.

Success is defined a little differently for everybody but I can certainly say I’ve noticed some small changes since finishing this detox and o me that is a success. Although I didn’t have drastic results I also had a hell of a time prepping in advance/being busy these entire four weeks.

I do plan on giving it a go again but I certainly will plan my approach a little differently.

Sincerely, a serial snacker for life.

Featured image credit: Joanie Simon


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