Another day : 2017/07/22

Today I had plans, loads of plans. And then they all sort of fell apart. I had very little desire to actually follow through with them; I decided to have a day to myself and tbh it felt weird.

I feel as though I haven’t done so little in such a long time. I felt tired, I “vegged out”watching documentaries and a movie. I tried to take a nap but it didn’t really work because I got distracted by the hilarity of the movie “The Other Woman”. I didn’t work out, which was quite odd. I might do some stretching tonight as my body needs to have some sort of unwinding.

I work full time, run almost every other day, travel to downtown Toronto on a bi-weekly basis, and am currently trying to blog regularly. Somedays I feel as though I’ve spread myself quite thin. I never feel as though I have enough time to do what I want; sometimes I wonder if I’m shit at managing my time. I find it really hard to sometimes pull yourself out of yourself. Taking yourself off of the track your mind is on and re-routing it to something positive. When I was younger and I didn’t feel like going to school my mom would dub it a Mental Health Day. My clever mother recognized that every once in a while I needed a break from it all. I think that sometimes the speed of our world & lives has caused our minds to desire speed and constant “go go go”.


I came across this great little snippet recently. A woman needed a day off work for her mental health. Her boss eventually replied to her e-mail and well…. just check it out.

All companies need to be this accepting and understanding

There used to be a Colgate Total commercial, and it would always say, ” your oral health is a part of your total health blah blah ” and I would think to myself well of course it is, it seems like such an obvious thought. Your mental health is also part of your total health, don’t discount it because you don’t wear it so publicly. Don’t be shy about who you are and what you’re going through.

That’s why I’m doing this, maybe someone out there has got something going on that’s similar to me and if this brings you some relief I’ll be so pleased.



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