Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow For Beginners

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow has become a thing of the masses, people love this stuff. I figured it only right for me to give it a shot. I don’t normally, or ever use a brow pomade, there’s too much finesse required and too many tools required. I like sticking to a brow brush or a pencil, they’re easy to use and quite ‘goof-proof’.

I was unsure as to what colour I was as my brows are darker than my hair and they have completely different undertones. With this in mind, I bought 2 different colours: soft brown & medium brown.

The Undertaking

Armed with my handsome Giorgio Armani eyebrow brush I was ready to dabble into these pots. I used 2 different application techniques and have provided before and afters for both.

*Disclaimer: I’m new to this and this really is a situation of trial and error.*

Technique 1

I started by brushing my brows downwards, dabbing some product on my brush and then lining the upper brow perimeter, I then brushed my brows upwards and lined the lower perimeter with any remaining product. I then proceeded to fill in with leftover product on my brush. I tried brushing (aggressively so) the product into the brows.


ABH Dip Brow Technique 1 BeforeABH Dip Brow Technique 1 After


Technique 2

I applied some product on the very tip of the brush and made fine hair-like strokes near the beginning of my brow and any sparser areas that could use some depth. I then brushed these little lines to soften them.


ABH Dip Brow Technique 2 BeforeABH Dip Brow Technique 2 After

Overall Technique Thoughts

technique 1 is the technique most commonly used in those countless Instagrammer videos so I thought it would be pretty straightforward, it was exceedingly challenging. I genuinely don’t know how they make their brows look good using this technique. It’s very possible I just need to keep practicing. technique 2 was more up my alley, I liked making hair like strokes as it looked more natural and not ss harsh on my fair skin tone.

Difference in Colour

Each of these pomades are quite dark, however, the soft brown has a much more golden undertone. The medium brown has a very ashy tone and blended much more with the colour of my pre-existing brows.



In a rush I know I’m still going to reach for my brow brush or pencil, but now, these pomades don’t seem so scary. However, I will most definitely be using the medium brown with technique 2 to create my desired brow look. With a little more practice I think I’ll have the technique down and my brows will look symmetrical.


Have you tried this product? Do you find it to be tricky to use, or did you master it quite quickly?

Forever Improving,



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